Rainy Weekend

Hi!!! Time for my weekend recap….


Since we didn’t go to the dunes this weekend we had nothing planned. We woke up early Saturday morning and decided to go on a hike. I have been wanting to hike Peralta Trail for a while but didn’t know if my knee was ready for it yet. I worked up to harder trails little by little and knew it was time to try out Peralta. Even though it’s not harder than Camelback, it is longer which is the part that made me nervous.

When we got to the trail it was pretty cloudy and knew there was a chance of rain. Peralta Trail is 4.9 miles long and it has some steep inclines. It’s a really good hike and very scenic. It’s one of my favorite hikes.

As we continued on the trail the clouds kept rolling in. It would get super windy and start raining then stop. We kept going and decided to keep going until it started pouring..if it did.

I found a nice little spot we could hide under if it did start raining harder. 🙂

It got really dark really fast but we were almost to the end and knew we had to keep going.

It was really windy by Weaver’s Needle so we ate our snack quickly and headed back. We usually take about 30 minutes or so just enjoying the view but it was too cold. Plus it was starting to rain harder. We knew we had about 2.5 miles before we were back at our car so we needed to hurry before the weather got too crazy.

About a mile before getting to our car it got SUPER windy. It was blowing against us and we knew the storm was about to really hit. We picked up our speed and even ran towards the end. We made it safely in our car before the rain started pouring. It was a great hike and I’m glad we went all the way. Having the weather dark and gloomy made the hike even more interesting. We both loved it. We finished in record time for us. We were speed demons. Lol. After our hike we were starving. We went to Rhumbi’s for lunch and then went to Sports Authority again. haha. I love that store. Craig bought me a Nike running jacket. Yay! I can’t wait to use it.



Today was weird. Not in a bad way but we woke up pretty early and I had so much energy. I was done washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry and eating breakfast by 7:30 am. We always wake up early ( even when we don’t want to) and lay around for a bit on Sundays or go for a bike ride. But this morning it was pouring outside so we decided to stay in. Craig did Yoga and strength Training on the Wii Fit while I cleaned and I got so much done. It felt great to know everything was done so early. I decided to take a reading break and he vacuumed the whole house and cleaned our living room. Once we were done cleaning we went out to lunch and the mall. I’m still shopping for the cruise. I think I have everything I need, I think I just need a couple more comfy tank tops. Other than that I’m set. I bought two cute tops, comfy but cute. I also got shorts, jeans and yoga pants. I always find the best deals!! I’m seriously a bargain shopper. I love finding sales 🙂

After the mall we went shopping for Craig’s new mountain bike. Which means I get his old bike, NEW to me 😉 My old one is good but his is way better. I’m excited to try it out, maybe next weekend….

The weather is still being funny but I love it. I know sometimes it kind of sucks when you can’t do something you wanted to because of the rain. But it’s also nice to have the comfy, lazy days at home sometimes. 

 It’s almost time for bed. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!! 🙂

Question: Do you like rainy days?




One comment on “Rainy Weekend

  1. Melissa says:

    Sounds like you had a good weekend! I hate rainy days – they depress me! I’d much rather it be sunny.

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