Say WHAT Wednesday

You know what day it is…Time to get down to business..

Today we are talking hair cuts!! Now I have to start off by saying that I LOVE Friends. I have the box collection and watch the show any free time I have. Which is usually on Fridays. I have watched every episode like a billion times. I even have the Friends Scene It game. I know it’s been over for like ever but I still love it. I still laugh when I’m watching it. Like it was my first time seeing that episode. I love each character 🙂 They make me happy.

I’m sure you’ve heard that Jennifer Aniston cut her hair this week. I guess it’s been in the top google searches since she came out with her new look.

Here are some other looks Jennifer has had. I say that all of them look good on her and I think that she looks great no matter what.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston Cuts Her Hair Source

I’ve heard that she looks younger…She looks older…

But what do you have to say about her new look?

Someone else that got a haircut is Justin Beiber. I know we are all adults and might not care about Justin Beiber but it’s kind of a big deal for some people.

Justin Bieber in a photo from his hairdresser Vanessa Prices Twitter account, Bieber on the cover of his song One Time. - Provided courtesy of Photo courtesy of Source

What do you have to say about him? His new and old hair? Or do you not really care?

He is giving all his hair from his hair cut to a charity to auction. Would you ever buy a celebrities hair? Who would it be?

It seems kind of weird to me but if I had to choose someone then I would choose to buy Johnny Depp’s hair 🙂

That’s all I gotta say for today folks. Have a good day!!



One comment on “Say WHAT Wednesday

  1. ashley says:

    i looove her new haircut!! i 100% adore every hair style she has had since she went sleek.. i’m not a fan of “full” or “volume” hair.. i would love to have her sleek straight hair.. any of the cuts! 🙂 and at least beiber doesn’t look 10 now.

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