Fun Friday

It’s Friday and it’s time to unwind. We all deserve it.

I started to unwind early this morning by finishing my book. Then I got ready to go with my sister to pick up her cap and gown. We had planned to go running but then she found out she needed to pick up her stuff so I went with her.

Her graduation is next Friday. She is going to be a Medical Assistant. I am so proud of her. She is also moving into her own apartment on Monday. Big things are happening for my little sister who isn’t so little anymore I guess.

After hanging out with my sister for a bit I ran some quick errands. This morning passed by so quickly that I almost forgot about lunch. I stopped by Subway on my way home. I thought about making something at home but decided a sub sounded super good.  

I was right too. I bought the foot long because it was $5 and the 6 inch would’ve been $4. I’ll have the other half tomorrow for lunch.

I didn’t plan much for today because I felt like I needed a lazy day. This week felt really long for some reason. I decided it was a good movie day so I got two movies.. “The Kids Are All Right” and “Sex And The City 2” 

I think this is my 2nd or 3rd time getting movies from Red Box. It’s so convenient. I know I could just order a movie from blockbuster but sometimes the movies I add to the movie list take so long to arrive. Maybe it’s because Craig puts my movies on the bottom of the list……LOL. Ay these boys.

I also stopped by and bought a really light pink nail polish. I saw my friend at work with this color and wanted it. haha.

And later today I have a date with my yoga mat and foam roller. Since I’m running 5 miles tomorrow I figured I should do something else today. Other than a few times on the Wii Fit I haven’t really done any yoga in a long time. I miss it and I’m ready to get back to it today. My foam roller I don’t love so much 😉 But I know that it helps. We have a love hate relationship since PT.

Today I’m taking it easy. Actually, this whole weekend is pretty laid back. Other than a 5 mile run tomorrow and a hike Sunday morning we don’t have much planned. I’m happy with that too 🙂

Hope you have a great weekend!



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