Say WHAT?!!

Seriously….Say WHAAAAAAT?!!

Today I heard that Christina Aguilera was arrested for suspicion of being drunk in public.


This is the only mug shot I could find. I wish I could’ve found a bigger and closer one.

Her bf was also arrested for drinking and driving also.

Crazy?! or not that Crazy?!

I guess Britney Spears shaving her heard was crazier! LOL.


(I love her, I really do. I’m glad this is all behind us)

And another thing that made me say WHAAAAT?! today was this article….


Holly Madison said she was told by “Peep Show” producers that she needed to lose weight.  She said that after moving to Las Vegas she gained about 15 pounds and started getting “slammed” for gaining weight.

I’d rather be overweight and curvy than super thin with no curves,” Holly, 32, exclusively tells Life & Style at the photo shoot on Feb 21. “I’m proud of my body.

She also said this:

I’ve always had a butt, and I want to keep it – cellulite and all. I’m not perfect, but I love my curves.” Holly tells Life & Style.

I think that she looks great. I’m glad she came out and talked about this. It sends a good message to be proud of our bodies. Most of the time the media makes it seem like celebrities are perfect and then we feel bad for not being perfect. It’s good to see some celebrities being honest.

Question: Is there a picture of a celebrity you would like to see in a magazine unretouched?



One comment on “Say WHAT?!!

  1. Melissa says:

    I was kinda surprised by the Christina arrest. But i think Charlie Sheen has definitely shadowed over her arrest now!

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