I’ve been missing out…..

Happy Sunday!!! This weekend flew by but that’s okay because that means it’s only 2 weeks and we will be on vacation! YES!!!!

Okay on to my weekend…..


On Friday I meant to post but I was so busy. I was at Luxe Salon & Spa almost the whole day 🙂 I got highlights and a trim, then I got a massage. I LOVED IT!!! It was my first professional massage ever and OMG I can’t believe I’ve never one. I’ve seriously been missing out. I came out of there all dreamy. I thought the hour was going to be too long but it flew by. I didn’t want it to end. It was amazing. I will definitely be back. The massage was a treat from Craig 🙂 Maybe I will get more of those treats 😉

After being at the salon almost all day, I had to get ready for my sisters graduation.

We are so proud of her. When they announced her name…Craig and I screamed really loud. I mean we have to embarrass her a little 😉

After the graduation we headed to Nello’s Pizza. It was SO good. It was our first time going there. This week some peeps at work were talking about how good it is so we wanted to try it. We were not disappointed. It was delicious.


We ate a quick breakfast and headed to our 10k. We were both looking forward to this because we haven’t done a race since Las Vegas. I was super happy because I feel like I’m back to “normal” and this made it more official for me. We didn’t have a time in mind, we just wanted to have fun and not have any pain at the end of it.

The race was really small. I think it might be the smallest I’ve ever ran. I told Craig that it could be a good thing but it could also be really bad. LOL. Either we would have a good time because we wouldn’t have to go around people too much or we would be last. haha

We got there early, so we stretched and enjoyed the music.

As soon as we started, I could feel Craig going faster than usual. We usually keep the same pace. We were about 1/2 a mile in when my stomach started bothering me. I didn’t “go” before the race because I couldn’t and at that moment I was regretting it. I have NEVER had THAT issue before on a race. I’ve read about it but never had experienced it. I looked at Craig and told him what was going on. I even thought about stopping at a park we passed to look for the bathrooms. I decided to just keep going and see what would happen.

By the 3rd mile I was feeling fine. Thank goodness. It was a close call.

We got into our groove and kept a steady pace the rest of the way. The course mostly ran through neighborhoods, I kept looking at the houses as we passed. These were really nice older homes. After the 5th mile they had a water station and we walked while we drank our water. It wasn’t for very long but I needed to get some good drinks in and NOT all over my face.

We finished in 1:10. I was VERY happy with that time but I was even HAPPIER that I didn’t have any pain. This has been the longest I’ve run in 3 months. I feel confident that I can move on to more now. 🙂

The rest of Saturday was spent lounging, then went out to dinner and to watch Rango.

The movie was super cute and funny. I love Johnny Depp so I really wouldn’t be able to say it sucks, but it doesn’t. Craig said I would watch anything that he was in and that is true 😉


We woke up and decided to go hiking. I wasn’t sure if I would be sore from the run so we didn’t have anything set in stone. We decided to go to Usery Mountain Regional Park.

The trail we did is called Wind cave. It’s about 3.2 miles round trip. It has a few switchbacks and some steep areas.

We’ve done this trail once before and I didn’t really remember much about it. For some reason I kept thinking it was easier than it really was. Once we reached the top we stayed up there on a little cozy spot enjoying our snacks. I took an orange, I usually always take one. So juicy 🙂

The hike went well and it was nice to do one we haven’t done in a while.

Now it’s time to do some stuff around the house. It can’t always be all fun and games. Lol.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!!



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