I warned you….

Okay don’t say I didn’t warn you. I have a ton of pics. This was our second day on our trip and it’s the day with the most pics. So I promise the next two posts won’t be jammed packed with pics 🙂

Our second day was full of excitement. We woke up early (we always do) and our first sight was Ensenada, Mexico from the window.  We got so excited and changed really quick to check it out. We got to see the sunrise and Ensenada from far away. It was still too early for breakfast so we stayed outside enjoying the morning together.

I had to do this  “Titanic” scene. LOL. I did it A LOT on this trip. On different parts of the ship. It was funny to me every time too. 😉

I was looking forward to maybe seeing whales on our trip but we didn’t. 😦 We did see seals though 🙂

We watched them for a super long time.

After we goofed around for a bit we decided to check out what our breakfast options were.

They had A LOT. Anything you consider a breakfast meal, they had. They even had chefs to make omelettes.

We found a spot by a window and had a nice breakfast. Since we woke up early every day we never hit the breakfast rush which is a good thing about being an early bird.

After breakfast it was time for us to get ready for our day.

We had booked a tour in advance and we were really looking forward to it.

Part of the tour was to go to La Bufadora which is a blowhole. There is 3 in the whole world. The other two are in Hawaii and New Zealand. The drive there as about an hour away and at first I was a little nervous to go so far away from our ship. But little by little I got more comfortable and enjoyed all the sights.

It was really pretty and I was really happy that we decided to take the tour.

From my understanding..there is a cave in the mountains. With the waves moving, it creates water and air to get trapped, which cause the big blow.

We also had time to shop at the market. There was so many treats everywhere. They were handing out churro samples like there was no tomorrow. I’m not a churro fan but Craig is. 😉

I bought a few souvenirs and then we headed to this place for lunch.

I LOVE…LOVE carne asada tacos. Especially when they have guacamole!!! OMG.

My friend Diana told me I had to try the fish and shrimp tacos there so I did. They were super good too. I couldn’t eat them all though. I was stuffed. I had about half of each taco, but I tore apart the carne asada one 🙂

After lunch we were thirsty 😉

Craig got a Tecate and I got a Pina Colada.

It was seriously the BEST Pina Colada I’ve ever had….not that I’ve had many. It was so good. I could go for another one…right now.

They even gave me the pineapple to eat later. Yay!

The tour also took us around to historic places. This was the Civic Center. It used to be a casino and now it’s used for conventions, special events and shows.

The paintings on the walls and ceiling are original. It was a beautiful building.

When our tour was over we got free margaritas and beer. Wooohoooo.

The tour was over at about 4 pm. We still had time to walk around but decided to head back to the ship. We were both tired.

I guess not that tired if I was running around the track. LOL. We goof around a lot.

Then I was scared this bird was going to fly off with my camera case…its on the chair.

We were both so tired by the time dinner came. We took a short break before heading back to our room to get ready for the evening.

Saturday was formal attire night so we changed into our finest clothes. By finest I mean the closest we had to kind of nice because we were too tired to get all woohoo.

We didn’t have a big dinner that night. Craig got a salad and I ate Watermelon. We were both stuffed from the everything we had eaten that day and the drinks. After dinner we went to a show, which was SO good. We were both surprised at how good it was. It was actually something we would have paid for to see in Las Vegas. We really enjoyed it.

When we got back to our room….this Elephant was waiting for us with the next day activities 🙂

They liked putting my sunglasses on the towel animals. I was excited to see which one they would do next.

Sorry it was so long and so many pics. It was just so pretty and I wanted to share.

Have a good day!! I’ll be back tomorrow with day 3.



2 comments on “I warned you….

  1. Diana Acuna says:

    Me da mucho gusto que les gusto tanto el crusero y que se la pasaron super bien, las fotos estan muy bonitas.

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