Sunny Day?….Not so much.

Good morning!!

On to the third day of our cruise, it was also our last day….the end is near 🙂

We woke up early and decided to head to the gym. We had walked a lot the day before but Sunday was going to be our lazy day so we need to get a quick workout in. 

This is the girls “locker” room, Craig said the guy one looked the same. It was pretty big and kind of fancy. Well compared to the gym I currently go to, kind of old.

Anyway, It had a sauna and steam room.

There was hardly anyone there because it was so early and I knew it would be super packed later during the day.

It was pretty big and I really liked that the treadmills and Ellipticals faced the ocean.

After the gym, we got some breakfast.

I decided to go with an omelette and some other goodies. After breakfast we went to the Casino to lose some money. 😦 Not too much though. We made sure to only spend what we had planned. We didn’t lose right away, which was cool because we got to play for a while. They were also having a slot machine tournament which was very entertaining to watch. People get crazzzzy.

We went back to our room and rested for a bit then got ready for the day.

We had a BIG lunch and a smaller dessert. We had dessert with every meal. Sometimes it was fruit, ice cream, cake or a cookie. Lots to choose from.

We had planned Sunday to be our lazy, lay out by the pool day. I thought I was going to get a nice tan….IT DID NOT HAPPEN. As you can see in the pics…it was cloudy. It even rained a little.

Even though it wasn’t sunny we still had a good time. They had a dance contest and it was hilarious. I thought about entering but I didn’t want to show off my awesome moves…Lol.

For dinner I started with a fruit cocktail and Craig went with a caesar’s salad.

I went with the salmon and veggies.

Craig went with honey glazed bourbon chicken, veggies and macaroni  ‘n’ cheese.

We went to another show after dinner. The second show was just as good as the one the night before. They even had us dance the macarena 😉 After dancing our butts off we called it a night.

This time we had a pig when we got back to our room 🙂

Our last day still ended up being a lazy day but not a sunny one. We still had a great time though 🙂



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