Let’s Finish This….

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!!!


I am SO looking forward to this weekend. I have fun stuff all weekend long 😀 I will tell you about it once I’m done with the cruise recap, which is very soon.

Monday morning we got up and went outside to enjoy our last morning on the ship.

We saw Long Beach from far away. One of the best things on the cruise were the mornings. It was so peaceful, relaxing and beautiful. We got to see the sunrise every morning.

It was cloudy but we expected that because they had said it was raining in CA most of the weekend.

We went back inside to beat the morning rush for breakfast. Good thing too because it got crazy really fast. We went back to the room to pack everything and get ready to leave. They were letting people out by their deck. We were one of the last ones and we had so much time after we were ready.

I fell asleep for a while. I was SO tired. I don’t know why because we rested so much but I was beat. I remember Craig talking to me and him being kind of blurry. I was that sleepy.

When it was our turn to get off we went downstairs and there was a huge line. They were still working on the previous deck so we still had some time.

Once we got in line it went by super quick. It was really organized and it helped that we had everything ready for the peeps to check.

Our drive home was cloudy and rainy when we were still in California.

I don’t know if you can tell but the mountains are covered in snow, they didn’t have snow when we left. Once we crossed into Arizona, the weather was nice. We stopped for lunch then we stopped at a rest area because we both were really sleepy. We’ve NEVER done that before. We always stay awake on road trips, no matter how long it is but we were sleepy. I was surprised Craig was as sleepy as I was, because he never gets tired. He is like the Energizer Bunny. For real. I consider myself an energetic person but he makes me look lazy.

Cruise Summary

I really enjoyed going on a cruise. I’m glad that we finally did it. There was a lot of things we loved about it, but the one thing I think I would do differently is take a cruise with more stops. This was the shortest one we found, we didn’t want to take a longer one because we didn’t know if we would like it. Now that we know that we do, then next time it will be longer with more stops. It probably won’t be for about 2 years though because we have other trips in mind we still want to do and those involve a lot of driving. 🙂

Okay so you made it through, I hope you enjoyed all the pics.

On to other fun stuff:

Britney Spears cd comes out Tuesday!! Woohoooo. I found the link to listen to her whole cd.

Femme Fatale

I listened to the first few songs and I like it so far.  🙂 Can’t wait to get it on Tuesday.

Also tomorrow I get to go hiking with my friend Cristina. She lives in Texas and is coming to AZ tonight 🙂 We are going hiking tomorrow morning then going to the Lady Gaga concert tomorrow night!


YAY!!!! We are going with some other friends. So excited!

On Sunday Craig and I might go to Sedona, Arizona for a hike. I am really excited to go hiking in Sedona, it’s so beautiful and we found some fun trails. I don’t know if this will happen this weekend or the next.  It all depends how tired I am Sunday morning after the concert. We are also going out after the concert so I know I won’t be getting home until late.

Today on fun things planned is a morning run and shopping with my sister. Tonight Craig and I are trying a new place to eat and watching Paul or Sucker Punch. I’ve heard that Paul is really funny, doesn’t seem too funny to me but we’ll see.

Question: Do you think you have a lot of energy?

A couple of weeks ago I went over to my sisters house to go for a run and my other sister said to me  “You have way too much energy” Lol. She wasn’t feeling good that morning, which is why I think I got on her nerves. haha

Right now, it’s off to run with my sis. Have a good day.



One comment on “Let’s Finish This….

  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks for sharing your cruise ship pictures!!
    How was the Gaga concert?

    And ,sadly, i have NO energy ever. It sucks. 😛

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