SAY What Wednesday!!!

Today’s SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT is about food.

I thought about this blog post on our way back from our last trip. We stopped to get gas and to get some snacks. On the way there I had pre packed ones so I didn’t have to stop to get anything. Anyway, I was craving Cheetos Puffs. I used to LOVE them.


But after a handful of them I was done. They weren’t as good as I remember. I SAY they are Way too salty now. It wasn’t guilt telling me this, it was my taste buds.


I also got a Mtn. Dew which I also used to love. Nah, didn’t do anything for me. I couldn’t even finish it. For me to not finish a soda is HUGE. About 4 years ago I was ADDICTED to soda. I would refill my 32 oz cup multiple times at work in 1 day. It was like water, actually it was my water because I hardly ever drank water.

The first thing I do when I get to work is fill up my water cup, the first thing I do when I get home from the gym is fill up my water cup. I drink water so much now, it’s crazy. I usually always carry a water bottle with me.

Anyway, When I couldn’t enjoy what I thought was going to be an awesome snack. I started to think of a lot of foods that I don’t eat anymore that I used to think I could not live without.

Including home-made tortillas. Yummmm. I used to eat these almost every day growing up. Now, I can’t even remember when I had one last. Even if we go to Chipotle I get a bowl. I remember when I first started eating better it was the hardest thing to imagine my life without flour tortillas. Now it’s like whatever.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not for completely eliminating something you love from your life but at the time I was being really strict on myself. Now I know that there is moderation and I do eat things I still love once in a while.

For example:


French Fries…yum.

I actually didn’t know how much I loved french fries until I stopped eating them. I have them once in a while and enjoy them every time.


Also another thing I didn’t know I loved until I didn’t have it anymore is ice cream. I LOVE ice cream. I include froyo as ice cream by the way, because it’s still so good. Having it for a meal would make me happy 🙂 and I’ve done it once or twice. 😉

Question: So WHAT would you SAY is a food you used to love that you don’t anymore? And WHAT would you SAY is a food you used to not care about but now LOVE?



4 comments on “SAY What Wednesday!!!

  1. Melissa says:

    Hmm….i don’t know if i have a food that i used to love & don’t anymore. Is that sad? lol. I will say i can’t drink a regular coke anymore – way too sweet.

  2. I love soda still and don’t deny myself when I want it every week or so. There are so many things that I used to eat constantly that I am okay with having occasionally now, like cookies, pizza, white pasta, etc. If I’m craving it or I want it, I just have it. I’m over having guilt foods anymore. Seriously.

    I’ve had company the past couple of weeks and I was eating quite extravagantly. Since I’ve been getting back to normal, I’ve been going crazy over my healthy eats. I missed them SOOOO much. More than I’ve ever missed pizza or the like. It’s crazy.

    Also, one last thing that I can NEVER EVER imagine living without is Mexican food. Can’t imagine it. I just stopped getting combos though. Now I’ll just have a taco instead of a monstrous burrito. I also realized how much I love reheated mexican food, so eating half of my meal is no biggie to me because that means I get to enjoy it twice!

    I loved this post, hence the novel I wrote 😉

  3. ashley says:

    i drank sodas every day in high school and now i can’t have more than 3 sips at a time. i have always been a onion hater! i could tolerate some level of cooked onion for flavor, but recently i’ve been eating raw red onions on salads and *gasp* enjoying them!

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