“My Run”



After work I’m meeting my friend Diana for dinner and to watch this movie. I’m really excited to watch it and I have a feeling there will be a tear or two. When I watched the preview I got all emotional.

The movie is about a 57-year-old man who runs 75 marathons in 75 days. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! Just picturing myself running 1 marathon makes me go nuts, I cannot imagine running 75 in a row. After running a half marathon my body feels numb. I wonder how it would feel after running 75 Full Marathons?! Eeeeek.

One of my goals is to run a marathon one day. I had planned to run one last January but hurt my knee and wasn’t able to. I had been training for 5 months when I found out that I had to take 6 weeks off from running, or long distance running. It was really hard for me to quit when I had made it so far. I know that it was the best thing for me at the time though and I’m ready to accomplish my goal January 2012. It’s ON!!! 🙂

Question: What is one of your goals that just thinking about it makes you nervous?



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