I love getting free stuff….

It’s Monday..Ugh…

The weekend flew by and I think this weekend will too. I got kind of moody this morning at work. It got hectic but it’s calmed down and I’m not moody anymore 🙂

Yesterday I got FREE NIKE SHORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got a Sports Authority $20 card a few weeks ago that expired yesterday. I thought I was going to have to make a $50 purchase to be able to redeem the card but nope. They were free. Yay!!! I love freebies but when it’s running gear it’s even better. Especially if its Nike  🙂 SCORE!!!

I have these “hootchie” running  shorts in black, gray, pink and now blue. I love them. They are super comfy..at least to me they are. My friend Cristina says they are “hootchie” because they are short but they have longer ones too. I like the tempo running shorts but I don’t have a booty so they sag really bad on the back 😦 I know it’s not all about looks while we are running but I don’t want to look like I pooped my pants either 😉

Question: What type of shorts do you prefer?

This week’s workout plan:

This week I’m taking Wednesday and Sunday off. I usually plan in advance what days will be my rest days depending on what we have going on. Wednesday is Craig’s mom birthday and we are all going out to dinner then I decided to take Sunday off because I’m going to need a rest day after my Saturday plans 😉

Monday- CT (elliptical and stairmaster) abs and ST @ the gym


I’m loving the rowing machine!!!

Tuesday- 3 mile run outside w/ my sis and Craig

Wednesday- Rest Day

Thursday- 3 mile run outside w/my sis and Craig

Friday- Yoga and ST @ home 

Saturday- Pat’s Run 4.2 miles with my friends Diana and Daniela

Sunday- Rest Day

I’m looking forward to the race on Saturday. I can’t wait. I’ve been wanting to run this race since it first started. Plus I get to run with my friends! Yay!!!!

Question: Do you have a good ST machine you love at your gym or a good ST workout you do at home?



One comment on “I love getting free stuff….

  1. Melissa says:

    I like the Nike Tempo Shorts – but i always have to wear compression shorts underneath when i’m running. 😛

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