What I’ve learned…..

Good morning!!!

I’m a little sad right now because Craig just left for the weekend 😦

 I’m really looking forward to this weekend though so I’m going to focus on that. I have some fun things planned tonight and tomorrow. I will miss Craig SO much but I know I get to see him on Sunday so it’s okay 🙂

Yesterday after my run we went and picked up my race t-shirt and bib# for Pat’s Run. My run by the way was awesome. Craig ran with my sister and I ran alone. I haven’t run alone in almost 2 months. It felt weird at first but once I got into my zone I tackled it. I felt great when I finished, except my face was super red and Craig and my sister were making fun of me. 😀

Since we aren’t having our “date” nights this weekend we decided to do it last night. We went out to dinner after picking up my packet and a few other things.

Today’s day plans are:

~Dr’s. Appt.

~Yoga (I’ve been using the wii fit and also some online but I’m buying the Jillian Michaels one today)


~Cleaning and doing laundry

~Then tonight I’m meeting a bunch of my peeps for dinner. We all used to work together but in the last year have changed to different departments so we are meeting tonight to catch up 🙂

What I’ve learned….

So I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite sometime…

I’ve been running for about 3 years and I’ve learned a few things since my very first race. This is just based on how I feel and what I’ve learned works best for me. We all know the usual running tips.

~ Make sure to have rest days

~ Follow a plan

~ Make sure to stretch before and after

~ Never try anything new on race day

But there are a few other things that I didn’t read about like… When I ran my first race I wore all cotton. Now I’m not saying I don’t ever run wearing a cotton shirt anymore because sometimes I do. However, I don’t think I’ll ever run a race wearing cotton ever again. I wore 2 shirts and by the 3rd mile I was ready to take one-off. Now I try to buy breathable running clothes. It makes a HUGE difference. I always look for good deals online or at sporting good stores. I hardly ever buy anything at regular price. I always look for clearance and sale items…I love them!

Another thing I’ve learned is that the BIG fashionable sunglasses don’t work too well when you’re running. Again, if it’s a shorter run or race then I could handle it but I wore them for the Disney Half Marathon and OMG. My face was sweating worse with them on. They kept fogging up. I finally took them off and gave them to Craig when I saw him next.

I thought by buying sunglasses specially made for running that I would like them better but it was a big fail. At the L.A. 1/2 RNR I gave them to Craig at the 3rd mile. I guess I just can’t run with sunglasses. Or maybe I haven’t found the right ones. I actually like running without because I can see everything so much clearer. I like seeing the scenery, signs and people’s faces. That’s just me though.

That brings me to the stuff I’ve bought because I thought it was going to make running “easier” for me.

Running Purchases

1. ifitness Belt….now I DO NOT REGRET this purchase. It was affordable and I use it on long runs at home all the time. I put kleenex, my house key and cell phone in it and I’m good to go. But when I wore it for the Disney Half Marathon I didn’t have much in it  and I felt like I didn’t need it. I just wanted to wear it because it was new to me 😉 lol.


2. Hydration Belt…This was one of my first running things I got. I use it for shorter hikes now. I ran with it a couple of times for shorter runs but realized that I don’t use it as much. For longer runs I make sure to have water stops planned ahead of time or if Craig is following me in his bike then he will have some for me.

I’ve also tried running with a Camelback and I got tired of that quickly too. I just don’t like having too much on or around me when I’m running.

Thing’s I have purchased that I use a lot are my running gloves, HRM, Ipod/Strap and recovery socks.

Another thing I’ve learned with running is to have fun. Running can become very competative..with yourself or against other people. It’s great to push ourselves but we also want to have fun. 🙂 I like to have fun with my running outfit. For L.A. I went with a cute alien shirt and I loved the colors I chose. Pink is my favorite color (like Aerosmith)

For Disney we wanted a Minnie Mouse themed outfit but still wanted to be comfortable so we wore the ears and her colors. We also had polka-dotted nail polish 🙂


This January I couldn’t run a race I wanted to but I went to support my friends….I learned that it’s so much fun going to a race even when you aren’t running it. I thought I was going to be so sad but I wasn’t. I had so much fun and it was awesome to see my friends running.

Another thing I learned early this year is that running can break you. Lol. JK. But we can get injured and if we do we cannot let ourselves get down. It’s easy to let an injury bring you down, but we have to fight it. Hopefully, you never have to experience it but if we do then let’s just fight through it. We’re TOUGH, we are runners/joggers 🙂


And last but NOT LEAST…..to be thankful. I didn’t have to learn this…lol because it comes naturally. But it’s easy to forget or not appreciate the people who support and encourage us. I have the best people around me pushing me and motivating me. I love my family, friends and my love 🙂 My sister Vero and Craig have been there since my first race. Taking trips, waiting in the cold and heat. Waking up super early, making sure I have everything I need and that I stay motivated. When I’m nervous before I race (because I’m always nervous before a race) they pump me up with jokes, music and just them being themselves. I love you guys so much and appreciate you being there for me 🙂

Question: What have you learned since you started running?



2 comments on “What I’ve learned…..

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve learned that stretching and using the foam rollers can mean the difference between being able to walk the next day 😀

    Also, that tiredness and aches can be run through, sharp pains need a doc! (fortunately we caught it before any real injury happened)

    Good luck tomorrow! We’ll be waaaaaaaaay behind you. We’re in the 17,000’s

  2. Melissa says:

    Great post! It’s awesome you have such a supportive “team” behind you. 🙂 It’s funny – i almost always run with my sunglasses. It’s a security thing for me, i think. (And keeps the dust out of my contacts!)

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