The two W’s….

I still have the biggest smile on my face because I have my Britney ticket in my hot little hands 🙂

Is it Thursday already?! This week flew by. Busy, busy, busy. Tomorrow I have a lot planned also. I plan on enjoying my last official Friday off to the fullest.

So far my plans are:

~ Dr’s appt. at 10am 😦

~ Meeting my friend Diana for lunch at True Food Kitchen (one of my favorite restaurants)

~ Going shopping, just for fun 😉

~ Doing my nails and watching a movie

~ Going out to dinner with Craig and my sister. Craig decided on Nello’s Pizza. We’ll say we are going to get Craig ready for Warrior Dash by carb loading but it’s just because we want pizza.

I’m looking forward to Warrior Dash on Saturday. I will take a lot of pictures of Craig in the mud all dirty.


I hope he is ready for this….:D I also hope I get  a Turkey Leg. Yum.

Now I never told you what dress I ended up wearing to the wedding….

I ended up wearing this one. It’s the one I felt more comfortable in and the #1 reason is because I wanted to wear those heels. 🙂

We got there early to take the pictures before the wedding. Craig was not nervous at all and he looked so handsome.

Serious business 😉

The weather was perfect.

The ceremony was beautiful.

I don’t know why but I always cry at weddings. Do you cry too?

It’s just so emotional, such a beautiful thing to witness.

After a delicious dinner we danced.

In this picture we are all doing the “cupid shuffle” haha


I told you that I love to dance.  We danced all night.

It was a fun day filled with love.



2 comments on “The two W’s….

  1. Melissa says:

    Nello’s Pizza…yum!!

    Good luck to Craig on the Warrior Dash! Hoping i survive. 😉

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