My Warrior

Good morning 🙂

This morning I feel tore up. I think it’s because we took a nap yesterday on the floor and now my body is sore.

Yesterday was Craig’s Warrior Dash. Since it was in Florence we left a little early, we didn’t know how crazy the parking would be so we wanted to get there with plenty of time. We got there at about 9 am. He was scheduled to start at 11am. A couple of months ago when Craig sent me the link to this telling me he wanted to do it. I thought he was kidding around. I looked at the obstacles online and I was like WOW. I told him there was no way I would do it, he said he really wanted to do it. Craig is the type of guy that likes to think of something for a few days before committing to something. Which is why I knew he REALLY wanted to do this, he registered that same day.

The race packet included a shirt, Warrior hat, bib#, timing chip and you got a free beer when you finished.

Craig’s Cheer Squad

Once he was ready we walked around looking at all the different costumes. You can see Captain America was there too on the above picture.


The Ultimate Warrior and Batgirl…

There were so many cool costumes. A lot of shirtless guys 😉

We also watched the people go through the mud, which is the very last obstacle. You really have to crawl through it because there is barbed wire that will scratch your face off.

When we were watching a few guys jumped in and we all got some mud on us. 🙂 I didn’t even do the race and I was dirty.

The time went by super fast, then it was Craig’s time to start.

Craig going over the Hay Stack obstacle.

Up and over the cargo net

(white boy can jump ;))

and over the Warrior Roast.

And through the mud.

He “survived.” His medal says so 🙂  

I was a little hesitant to get closer. haha He was really dirty.

Then he thought it was funny to get my sister all dirty. BTW we took my car there so I didn’t find it too funny, neither did Vero when I made her clean herself off before getting in my car. haha

Right after this Craig really wanted to get hosed off. He told us all about the obstacles we didn’t get to see. There was about 12 total obstacles I think and we only saw 4 of them. I am so proud of him. This looked super hardcore. He said it’s actually easier than it looks. Anyway, he asked me to do it with him next year and I said yes 🙂 I’m already nervous but it looked like so much fun that I’m looking forward to it. Now I hope I “survive.”

They do say that it’s the…

It was crazy, even as a spectator. We had SO much fun. Can’t wait for next year!!!



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