“So Fresh and So Clean”

I LOVE MY NEW SCHEDULE!!!!!!! Yes I woke up at 3:30 this morning and I was at work by 4:50 am. That is early but it is so WORTH it. I might be singing a different tune by Thursday when I can barely keep me eyes open or on Friday morning when I have to go to work. Who knows, but for now I am enjoying it!!!

I love starting a new month, it’s a fresh start. I love flipping the page on my calendar and having a clean slate. At the end of every month I go back through my calendar and count the total of days I worked out. Some months are less than others, most of the time it averages out about the same. The next few months my calendar will be full of training runs. This month I also start my full marathon training/Disneyland half marathon training. Tomorrow is my first official run. This week’s workout schedule is looking like this….

Monday- Gym (Elliptical and ST) then 2 mile run/walk with my sister outside

Tuesday- 3 mile run (treadmill with intervals)

Wednesday- Gym (Stairmaster and ST) then 2 mile run/walk with my sister outside

Thursday- 3 mile run (treadmill)

Friday- Yoga

Saturday- 4 mile run outside

Sunday-rest day or bike ride

I started my training plan earlier than planned because I know there are a couple of weeks when I might not be able to do my long run. I just want to make sure I can make it up and have plenty of time. I really want to do well and I want to feel ready for my upcoming half marathons and my full marathon.

Question: When do you rather workout? I prefer working out early in the morning. I like feeling energized for the rest of the day and having the rest of the day to relax.



One comment on ““So Fresh and So Clean”

  1. Melissa says:

    Good luck on your training!! I wish i could be an early morning workout person, but i’m just way too sleepy. 🙂

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