Running is HORRIBLE :)

I am so stuffed right now. I can barely sit up straight. haha. I met my friend Brian for lunch after work. We went to Kabuki again and had sushi. The last time we were there I tried the Las Vegas roll and LOVED IT. I tried two other types today and they were equally as good. I might be more of a sushi kind of gal than I thought. YUM.

I’m very much looking forward to this weekend. The week went by super fast but I have a few things I’m really looking forward to including watching “Something Borrowed” tonight with Craig, going to watch “Thor” with my sisters and brother tomorrow and the BIG one…Mother’s Day.  😉

Today at work I was talking to my friend about purses…random. Anyway, I made a comment that I would rather spend money on a race than a name brand purse. My friend said something to me like the purse would be better than the medal. I then said I didn’t run races for the medal. I mean yes it’s nice to have it but that’s not why I run a race. It’s so much more. Then he made me laugh by his next statement “oh yeah the gross face, injured ankle” it was something like that. I started thinking about how horrible running is. I started laughing at myself just thinking about all the bad runs I’ve had. There has been times when my face is tomato red. My legs are sore. I’ve even cried because of a bad run. But no matter what I always go back. What is our deal?!!! Then I remembered all the awesome things about running too. Even though there is bad runs and I’m sure we all have stories. All of that is part of running, part of the fun. It challenges us and pushes us. 🙂

I started thinking of all the kind of bad things that have happened to me on runs before and I made a little list.

~ I think out of the 7 half marathons I’ve ran, I’ve been on my time of the month for 5 of them. (TMI) It never fails to start the day before the race or the day of. The two times I didn’t have it I was so surprised. It was weird.

~ One time on a 10 mile run I got the worst back and stomach pains. I was able to finish the 10 miles but Craig had to stop at a Fry’s on our way home because I COULD NOT hold it in anymore. It was really bad.

~ I went on a 7 mile run around my neighborhood once and I got an air pocket on my side that would not go away, I ended up calling Craig to pick me up after 4 miles. I was so mad at myself.

~ Then there is the “I’m NEVER training for a race during the summer again” video. haha. I still need to look for that.

So those are just some of my bad runs. I’m sure there is many more. 😀

Question: Do you have a bad run story? Or has something crazy every happened to you on a run?

Oh and I want to share the new Nicki Minaj video with you. (I think it’s new ;))

I’m running 4 miles tomorrow. Let’s hope this isn’t a bad one 🙂



4 comments on “Running is HORRIBLE :)

  1. frank o says:

    i dont no wut your friend is talkin about . Running is the greatest thing ever.

  2. Melissa says:

    Haha i know, why do we do this to ourselves?! 😉 I can think of a million bad runs i’ve had – but the rare opportunity i get a “good” run, it makes it worth it!

  3. pawsitivelife says:

    I’m with you I would much rather spend my money on experiences than things. I do make running events a big deal. For example my first ever marathon will be in Disney next Jan and I plan to take a little holiday to go with that. maybe buy a knock off purse. best of both worlds

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