Very classy…

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

It’s Sunday night..already?!! I don’t know if I’m going to be cool with is 2 day weekend thing. It felt extra short without my Friday off.

Saturday morning I went on my first long run scheduled for my 1/2 training.

Craig joined me 🙂 I really wanted to run more but I’m sticking with the plan. The run went well, I didn’t go as early as I usually would. The weather was nice and not too hot yet.

Then I went with my sisters, brother and niece to watch Thor. My little sister Vero and I wore our “Friends” tops 🙂

We got the large popcorn 😉 It was a lot of us.

On Saturday night we watched the “big” fight at my parents then watched “Little Fockers”

Sunday morning we went over to my parents again for Mother’s Day.

Chiquis is a mom too. I love her so much.

We had my mom open the gifts first. Her birthday is 2 weeks away and we gave her one of her gifts early!! My sister and I got her a weekend in Las Vegas. Yay!!! She leaves on Friday so we had to give it to her early. She loved her gifts and she is super excited for her Vegas trip. She wanted all of us to go but I told her the trip was for her and my dad…ALONE 😉

I wore my new dress….with my BRIGHT pink bra…very classy…I know. Ay me.

My neice Jasmine, sister Paula, brother Junior and my dad. My sister is 4 months prego. Look at her little belly. It’s so cute. I was rubbing on it this whole weekend. She said I can be in the delivery room!! I told her I’m going to take a lot of pictures. haha She forbid it but I don’t think she will even notice if I snap a few 😉

Then my sister, niece and I got to work. We made eggs, turkey bacon, turkey sausage and chilaquiles. We had to make so much food, my people can eat. It was crazy making that much food with just us two making it. I’m used to cooking for 2 which is easy. Cooking for an entire family is tough. I told my mom I could never have more than 2 kids, I would just make soup all the time. haha

After breakfast we looked at pictures and videos. It was nice time and I was so happy my mom loved her gifts. My sister also got flowers and card. I love them so much. They are such strong mother’s, I want to be like them when I have kids 🙂

After that we hung out at the house for a bit then took Craig’s mom out to dinner. We went to NYPD Pizza.

Now it’s time for me to go to sleep. Have a good night!! To all you mothers, I hope you had a wonderful day!!

Workout/training update: This week I had great workouts. I feel awesome and ready to kick butt this week again. I was sore this week since I kicked my ST up a few notches 😉 Lovin’ it.



One comment on “Very classy…

  1. Melissa says:

    Glad your training is going well!! And i still LOVE that dress. 🙂

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