Say WHAT Wednesday

I almost wore this to work today…

SAY WHAAT?!! hahaha

But if I did, I might not have a job right now 🙂

WHAT do you think about Lady Gaga’s outfit? She wore it in Mexico when she was promoting her new album.

I thought this was hilarious…

Ay Dios Mio!” a nearby lady gasped as she did the Sign of the Cross four times, clutching her rosary and praying that this monster from the north would go away and never return.


Question: So WHAT do you think has been Lady Gaga’s best outfit?

Here are some of my faves 🙂

 Source  Source


They aren’t as “risqué” as some of her other outfits but to me these are cute. To be honest, some of them kind of scare me a little. haha

Question: Have you heard her new song “Judas?” What do you think?



2 comments on “Say WHAT Wednesday

  1. Melissa says:

    Ugh, i liked Gaga when her first album came out, but she is just too much for me now. I’m a hater! lol

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Her meat dress frightened me a LOT. I like her music, it’s great to run to. But I can’t watch the videos.

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