Move it, Shake it…Do something with it.

Piestewa Peak

This morning we hiked Summit Trail on Piestewa Peak. It’s 2.4 miles, 1,190 elevation gain. The best way I can describe this trail is floors and floors of stairs. I HATE STAIRS! hee hee but not when it’s outside and the weather is perfect 🙂

Before reaching the top I stayed back to enjoy the view. I wasn’t feeling very good but I still wanted to get out there with Craig. I sat there while I was waiting for Craig and I enjoyed the beautiful view. Being outside is so refreshing, I love it.

He continued all the way to the top. We’ve done this trail many time and it NEVER gets easier. This trail is tough but a great one. We had originally woke up this morning to hike Camelback Mountian but couldn’t find parking. Summit Trail is always our back up plan just incase that happens. We were there pretty early and couldn’t even find a parking spot at our “secret” place. Guess it’s not a secret anymore, plus they put No Parking signs up everywhere 😦 Lame.

After our hike we went to U.S. Egg.

They have the most amazing pancakes.

U.S. Egg Protein Pancakes

Filled with blueberries, granola, cinnamon and silvered almonds

U.S. Egg

I thought this sign was funny. I sent it to my friend Cristina because she loves coffee.


I got some pictures from the Pat’s Run I ran a month ago. I really like this one with my girlies. Love them 🙂

Also Craig bought this…

Like we don’t have enough cameras lying around…

We used it this morning on our hike and it’s really cool. He wants to use it when we go 4 wheeling, mountain biking and on runs!!! Yay!! He bought suction cup car mount for 4 wheeling. He is going to order the strap so we can wear it around our chest when we run. I might use it for Disney. Exciting!!!

Oh and I just watched this..

I really like it. It’s catchy and it’s true. Gotta move our bodies 😉

Now we are off to go swimming and lay out by the pool.

Have a good day!!



One comment on “Move it, Shake it…Do something with it.

  1. Melissa says:

    Sounds like a challenging hike – i’ll have to check it out!

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