Say WHAT Wednesday


Yesterday I booked the hotel for our Disneyland trip in September. I knew I wanted to be close to Disneyland since that’s where the race starts and finishes. Last time we were right across the street and it worked out great. Yesterday we got an email about starting to plan for the race and when I started looking for hotels, most of the closer ones seemed to be full. I found a great deal and it’s right across the street again so yay. So glad that’s done. All that is left is to keep training hard and buy our Disneyland tickets. We didn’t go to Disneyland the last time I ran the race but we want to go this time. We would be going the Friday before the race that way I could rest on Saturday and not be sore for the race on Sunday. 🙂

Say WHAT…..

The mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child


Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to fathering a son with their housekeeper. The women’s name is Mildred Baena and their son is 14 years old. I say this is sad.

Say What……

I’m really loving this song. I added it to my running/workout playlist. I love the remix too.

Say What……



Britney’s next single is “I Wanna Go” and this is the single’s cover. 

Say What…..

Jennifer Love Hewitt is in talks to replace Mariska Hargitay on 'Law & Order: SVU.'


Jennifer Love Hewitt might be replacing Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order Special Victims Unit. I love watching Law & Order and I’m going to miss seeing Mariska Hargitay. In the show she will be promoted so she will still be on once in a while. She wanted less hours so she could spend more time with her family. I say that’s sweet and she will be missed.

Question: Any stories this week that made you SAY WHAT?!



3 comments on “Say WHAT Wednesday

  1. Del says:

    I love Mariska. She is so beautiful.

  2. RoseRunner says:

    yeah, Arnold was THE water cooler topic around my work this week. It’s so depressing to think about how it must feel to realize the last 14 years of your life (as a wife) were a lie. shuddder!

    I love Britney, I love “I wanna go”, and I love about 80% of her new album. As we all know, now she just has to DANCE!! dance well, that is.

  3. BrandonJ says:

    Um first of all the last 14 years of their marriage was not a lie! He gave her (MShriver) the best years and may I add, also made her the first lady of California!! I think that it is SAD that MShiver is the one ending the marriage after Arnold decieded to be honest which is healthy in a Marriage and or any relationship!! And Also maybe he did get confused as this other women was the one actually doing wifely duties, i.e. cleaning, cooking, and taking care of her man/boss in the sac!! I dont see MShriver doing that work! Do you??

    ❤ you Arnie, show the world how a real women takes care of her man!!

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