First I want to start by saying Happy Birthday to my beautiful mom.

She is an amazing person, supportive, honest, understanding and always puts her family first. She keeps us all in check ;)I’m going over today for menudo and a cook out. We plan on taking care of her today since she is always taking care of everyone else. I love her 🙂

Friday night…

Last night Craig and I watched “Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides” and I LOVED IT. I’m not just saying that because I love Johnny Depp. I was actually a little nervous about this movie because the last two haven’t been the BEST in my eyes. I mean I liked them but they weren’t my favorite. This one is VERY good. I thought it might be weird because Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightely weren’t in it but I didn’t even miss them in it. The story was good and Johnny was great as always 🙂 The line was pretty long as you can see in the picture above. we were moving so it came out blurry but you can see how busy it was. It was definitely worth the wait and we still got good seats because it was in the Cine Capri Theater.

Saturday so far…

This morning started with a 6 mile run at my favorite park. This run started a little rough for me but after the 3rd mile I started feeling way better. I had so many boogs. Now I’m going to get kind of gross but I really want to share this with you. I had so much snot that I almost went back after the 2nd mile. It was so bad, I actually ended up using my hands to “clean” them off my face because they kept running down. I took some kleenex with me but it wasn’t enough. I guess I finally ran out of snot by the third mile because after that it was smooth sailing. It started off a little rocky but I finished strong so I guess that’s what counts 🙂 6 miles, 758 calories burned in 1:05…not too shabby for me.

Now I’m going to stretch and ice my knee for bit. Almost time for me to get ready for my mom’s big day. Yay!!

Oh also I wanted to share with you that this week we found out my sister is having another girl!! I AM EXTREMELY excited and looking forward to having another baby around. Jasmine is going to be 5 years old next month, she is a big girl.

I think she might have a big head. hahaha She is thinking of naming her Keira Sofia…still kind of early to decide so I’m sure it will change a few times by then.

I wish you all a great day!!



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