Lot’s of Goodies

How was everyone’s weekend? Went by fast didn’t it?

I wish I could say I have a 3 day weekend coming but I have to work on Memorial Day. I chose to get the extra “personal day” and save it for another time. I am looking forward to going camping though so no need to focus on next week’s work week when this one just started 🙂

Saturday was a fun family day. We celebrated my mom’s bday all day long. We watched movies, ate menudo, made burgers and everyone just had a fun time. My mom is trying to make healthier food options so when I went shopping for the burgers I made the best choices for everyone 😉 I introduced her to turkey burgers and turkey hot dogs. Everyone loved it.

With my mom on her bday 🙂


On Sunday Craig and I went to Papago Park. Craig did a little mountain biking while I walked/hiked around. It was a really nice morning.

I saw a lot of these guys…

And Craig saw this guy on his bike ride…EEEK

Then I saw this and thought to myself…it looks like a turtle. 🙂 I like turtles.

Craig made this video on our new camera of him mountain biking. The camera goes strapped on his chest and records him riding on the trail. It’s really cool.

The rest of Sunday was mostly lounging around. My sisters came over and we watched a movie. Then we watched the Billboard Music Awards.

A few good links to share with you…

You can download Lady Gaga’s new cd for 99 cents only today… here on amazon.com. Oh and talking about Lady gaga, I didn’t get to watch her on SNL but I just watched a couple sketches and they are funnny.

And not music related but I thought this was a good deal too. I was reading my fitness magazine the other day and it talks about this..


I guess it’s similar to P90X but WAY cheaper. It’s only $20. It comes with 10 workout dvd’s and the routines change to keep your body guessing. I tried P90X and I loved it. Great TOUGH workouts, but I couldn’t commit to working out at home every day for 90 days. That’s just me, I rather be out doing something or even the gym. I do pop it in once in a while when I feel like having a good workout at home. For more information you can go here…Supreme 90 Day

Another 90 day workout it talks about is Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson.


This is 9 dvds and this one is $90.

My Workout Plan for this week:

Monday- Stairmaster, core workout and ST @ the gym, 2 mile walk/run with my sis outside

Tuesday- 4 mile run @ the gym

Wednesday- elliptical, core workout and ST @ the gym, 2 mile walk/run with my sis

Thursday- 3 mile run @ the gym or possibly outside

Friday- Yoga and ST @ home

Saturday- Rest Day (camping)

Sunday- Rest Day (camping)

I hope you all have a great week, it’s just begun 🙂



One comment on “Lot’s of Goodies

  1. RoseRunner says:

    that TOTALLY looks like a turtle! amazing find

    I had to scroll as fast as possible past the videos — I haven’t watched the latest SNL yet, hope to get to it tonight!

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