Jillian’s Replacement?

I have a quick post today, I have a Dr’s appt in 30 minutes for my stomach issues. I hope to get helpful information and not just waste my time. I feel like I do that a lot sometimes going to the Dr’s. I’m finally seeing a specialist so hopefully my stomach issues will get better soon. I’ll keep you updated.

Tonight is The Biggest Loser Finale!!! Yay!! I’m sure I will cry, laugh and be Wowed. They all looked so great already the last episode. I don’t have a favorite that I would like to see win, I like them all equally.

So you all know Jillian Michaels will no longer be on the show. GUESS WHO IS RUMORED TO REPLACE HER?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna Kournikova

1306262777_anna-290.jpg US Magazine

Hottie!!! It seems that they will be making the announcement tonight on the finale! Exciting. I’ve always liked her, ever since I found out her and Enrique were dating. Maybe Enrique will make a guest appearance 😉
I mean after seeing this picture it seems that they must be attached at the hip…or the ass. LOL.
Anyway, I will definitely miss Jillian but I think Anna will be a good fit.
Question: What do you think about the possible replacement? Are you watching the finale tonight?



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