Our Little Tradition

 I am beyond happy that it’s finally Friday. I’ve been in a super chipper mood all day. I think one of the reasons is because I’m finally figuring my stomach issues out. It’s not 100% fixed but I feel better. I like knowing that my specialist is helping me and that I’m not crazy. For awhile I thought maybe I was just imagining everything, but now I know that I wasn’t and that I should be feeling WAY better soon.

I’m always looking forward to the weekend but this weekend is going to be extra fun. Tonight we are going on a double date with my sister and bf. We are going to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner. YUM!! Then Craig and I are going to watch


I hope this one is as funny as the first.

And tomorrow we are going camping!! woohooo. We are going to Flagstaff, Arizona. We have been going camping for Memorial Day weekend for about 4 years now.  It’s like our little tradition.

It’s usually Craig and I alone but this time my sister and some friends are joining us. We went last night and bought all the yummy food. We might go hiking on Sunday before we come back but we’ll see.

Question: What are your Memorial Day weekend plans? Do you have to work on Monday?

Have a great weekend!!



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