Windy, Dirty and SO MUCH FUN!

Hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend!! Mine has been a blast. Friday we went on a double date with my sister and bf. We went to Logan’s Roadhouse and we TORE IT UP!!! I had a lobster tail, steak and mash. It was finger licking good. Afterwards Craig and I watched The Hangover 2 and it was super funny. It wasn’t as good as the first one but I still really liked it.

Yesterday morning we left camping and of course my sister and I HAD to take a bathroom picture šŸ™‚

As soon as we got there we started setting everything up. It was so WINDY. Our tents kept flying around everywhere. I was pretty annoying but made for a few good laughs. Our tent bags went flying off so I had to run after them. Hey at least I got some working out in šŸ˜‰

Then we drove around. The place we go to is called Cinders and it’s used for off-road vehicles. A lot of quads, rhinos, 4 wheel drive vehicles and sand rails go.

There are a few steep hills that people go up and we all just watch or try it too. There’s always a lot of people around just hanging out.

Cuddling with my love.

Then I ran again. It was hard, you can’t tell put it’s a tiny bit uphill and I was breathing hard. Plus it’s kind of like sand there.

My hair kept flying in Craig’s face. It was so Windy. I decided to have fun with it. I pretended that the wind was taking me away. haha

Our view

When we got back to our camp site we played a few rounds of cornhole.

Serious GAME FACE pictures….

Oh look how tough I am, I even have my sunglasses on.

Looks like we all do the underhand toss.

And here are some victory poses….

The evening went by really fast. We made dinner and then hung out by the fire.

It was cold. I had a few layers on but the most important one were Craig’s arms šŸ™‚

Then we took out the glow sticks for a little dancing around the fire.

We ended the night with stories, laughter and a lot of dancing. In the morning we packed up as fast as we could because the wind picked up even more. It was CRAZY. Plus we all felt so DIRTY. I had dirt in places I didn’t want to have dirt and I needed a shower…BAD.

Camping was so much fun and we are already planning our next one šŸ™‚

Question: What’s your least favorite thing about camping?

I love everything about it except how dirty I feel the next day.



One comment on “Windy, Dirty and SO MUCH FUN!

  1. Melissa says:

    Glad you had fun! It was pretty windy this weekend!

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