I am super happy to say that Craig and I are officially registered for the Las Vegas RNR Half Marathon!!!!!!!!! Here we go again…


Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 4.53.00 PM Source


I loved running this race last year. I was injured but I still had a lot of fun. Plus this year its at night. It’s going to be awesome running down the stips with all the lights. I’m also very excited to run another half marathon with Craig. Yay!!! Since the half is at night that means we can go out and PARTAAAAAY after the race. 🙂

Since I’m registered for Disney and Las Vegas, now I only have to register for the Women’s Half Marathon in November and I’m set for this year. My sister is considering in running the Women’s Half Marathon with me and I hope she does. It’s in Arizona so we wouldn’t have to spend on hotel or driving anywhere, plus it’s pretty affordable. I love running races!! Woohoooo 😉

Get IT!!!!

Yesterday I started GET IT Challenge. It’s a challenge for myself to kick but with my core workouts. I usually workout my core about three times a week at the gym. Since I have time after work I will be pushing myself more. I’m working on a different plan for each week. I have a ton of books with ab workouts and a lot of dvds also.

Workout Plan:

Monday- 1 hour & 5mins. cardio, arm ST (GREAT workout)


Tuesday- 4 mile run @ the gym


Wednesday- Elliptical, Stairmaster and ST


Thursday- 3 mile run @ the gym


Friday- Rest Day


Saturday- 6 mile run


Sunday- Camelback Hike


Ab Workout Plan:

Monday- Crunches from “Look Better Naked” book


Tuesday- Slim & Six Dvd


Wednesday- Turbo Abs Dvd


Thursday- Ab Ripper X Dvd


Friday- Yoga for abs


Saturday- crunches from “Look Better Naked” book


Sunday- Slim & Six Dvd


GET IT!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I have 4 weeks before our Las Vegas trip which means Bikini Time….Gotta get ready 😉

Question: How often do you workout your core?



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