SAY WHAT Wednesday!

Happy National Running Day!!!

Today’s SAY WHAT post will be dedicated to GREAT deals for all us runners. We all know that when we are running we want to look cute doing it 🙂 At least I know I do. So here are some good deals I found to celebrate by buying some cute gear, I mean we all deserve it. We work hard.

Runningskirts is having an awesome deal today 15% off and FREE shipping.  Just use “nrd” as the coupon code.

I ordered a little something something for myself 😉 I don’t own a running skirt. I’ve tried them out a few times at the stores but I can never get myself to buy one. They always look so cute on people though and I’m excited to get mine in the mail soon. Yay!!

Activewear is also having a good deal. 15% off EVERYTHING!! It’s a little pricey for me but super cute stuff. Use this code “NRD2011”  when you check out.

Buy One Get One Free…This one is a deal for bib frames. If you place an order today with Racer you will get a free racer frame. Source

Since today is National Running Day it only feels right to go running tonight. So even though it’s not scheduled I plan on running 3 miles.

Question: What do you have to SAY about running skirts? Do you like them?



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