Birthday Princess

Happy Birthday to my niece Jasmine!!

My baby turned 5 years old today 🙂 She is getting so big. She isn’t our little princess anymore…

She is our big princess. Tonight we are celebrating her day:)

This week my workouts have been awesome. From my runs to my ab workouts. Sometimes I can have days where as soon as I’m walking out of the gym, I feel proud and happy about my workout that day. I also have those days where I feel that I wasted time. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood. There are times when I’m not in the mood but I’ll go to the gym anyway and within minutes I’m in the mood. I always like it when that happens.

Now that I’m registered for the full marathon I feel more excited about it. I didn’t think it was possible but it was. I’ve been reading everything about full marathons. I especially like reading about people’s experiences with their first full marathon.

Today I got my running skirt!! Yay! I love it. It’s so comfy, I plan on testing it out on Sunday. I have an 8 mile run this weekend and it will be the perfect time to try it out. I like how it fits and feels. So if I like how I feel while I’m running then I definitely see myself ordering more….possibly a cute pink one for the full marathon 😉

This might be lame but one of my favorite things about running a race is planning my outfit. hahaha

Okay I’m about to take my nap. This week has drained me and I need it today.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Yay!




2 comments on “Birthday Princess

  1. Amber says:

    I love planning my outfit to wear during a race! I want to look cute! Last weekend at the RnR San Diego my mom said everyone was wearing a pink top and black shorts! It was hard to find me! I’m putting my blog name on my top next time! =)

  2. RoseRunner says:

    weeee, I love hearing about your enthusiasm for a week of good workouts!! such an encouraging feeling. You must be doing something right! Whenever I have a great workout, I can never figure out exactly what I did to feel so good…I usually suspect it is eating extra high-calories the day before? I dunno.

    Happy birthday to your adorable Niece

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