Betty The Explorer


The weekend is over and it’s back to my normal day job…over the weekend I am usually “Betty the Explorer.” 😉

Saturday morning we headed out to Mongollan Rim for a hike and some exploring. On our way there we started talking about the American Eagle we saw the last time on our way up to Payson, Arizona. When we were talking about it…we spotted it again!! I couldn’t get a closer shot but we were both so excited to see it again. We named him Eaglie 🙂 He wasn’t there on our way back though.

To get to the trail it was a very scenic 12 mile drive on a dirt trail. We stopped a few times to check out the scenery. I love this view.

Then it was hiking time…

We took trail #290 on our way down. It was kind of sandy and made me nervous to be honest. I rather hike on hard rock then loose gravel.

The name of the trail is Railroad Tunnel. It’s not a very long trail but it’s a little difficult. There are some very steep areas.

It goes down from the rim then back up to get to the tunnel.

Craig infront of the 70 foot long tunnel.

The tunnel was supposed to be 3100 feet long but didn’t get finished because the company that was financing it went broke in 1888. 😦

If you want to read more about why the tunnel was being built you can go here.

Our bigheads inside the tunnel.

Huge tree trunk hole…of course I went inside it.

Then our way out. EEEEk. It was steep. This time we took trail #390 out.

After the hike we wanted to keep exploring.

We found the General Springs Cabin. I was going to go inside but then I chickened out.

Don’t you think it looks a little scary in there?

Then we checked out Potato Lake. It was nice and peaceful.

When we got done we were both hungry. We stopped at a nice little town restaurant in Strawberry, Arizona. There are a lot more trails we want to do and hopefully we will be back sometime next month.



One comment on “Betty The Explorer

  1. Melissa says:

    i love that you guys go to all these places! I really need to explore AZ more.

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