On My Wish List




My Monday is a lot better than the last, I am feeling better and I hope it stays this way. Especially because we leave on Saturday to Las VEGAS to see Britney!! Yay!!!

So yesterday morning I made myself go on my run. Craig ran with me so that was an added bonus for me to go. I was craving a good run, I was in the mood and it went really well. At first I felt a little weak but after the first mile I started to feel better.

I ran in my new running skirt and I LOVED IT. I know that I love/like everything but I LOVED the skirt. They run a little big so next time I’m ordering a smaller size but other than that it was perfect. It was so comfortable and I want MORE!!! Here are the ones on my wish list…

purple ultra running skirtPumpkin Dot Running Skirtpreppy purple argyle running skirtmums pinkalicious running skirt

mums midnight running skirtmums noir running skirt black whiteultra running skirt fuschiaPreppy Pink Running Skirt


I like the blue and yellow one too. I guess I like all of them 🙂

After our run we did a little last-minute shopping for our trip. Then we headed to my parents for some Father’s Day fun.

This is my dad 🙂 I have always been close to my dad. I’ve always been able to be open with both my parents. It’s something I want to have with my kids.

We made a HUGE dinner and hung out. We had a great time. My dad loves it when we are all together talking, you can see the happiness in his eyes.

Question: What’s on your running wish list?



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