SAY WHAT Wednesday

Just a few minutes ago I was laying out by the pool sweating bullets. I SAY its FREAKING hotter than F outside. OMG. I love laying out by the pool though, I’m trying to get my tan on before we leave to Vegas but it’s been  a busy week. I was finally able to make it out for a bit 🙂

Now let’s get to SAY WHAT WEDNESDAY!!!!

So WHAT do you have to SAY about Britney’s new video?!!! I love it. I think it’s nerdy, sexy and cute. But maybe I’m just all hyped up about seeing her on Saturday!!

Also today we officially have our Utah/Colorado trip ready to go. We booked the Utah hotel last night and during lunch I booked the one in Colorado. This is definitely a road trip and I am SIKED!! I love road trips. WHAT do you think about road trips?

Here are a few pictures of the stops we are making on our trip 🙂

Ouray, Colorado


 Moab, Utah


Cayonlands, Utah


Dinosaur, Colorado


All the road names are Dinosaurs 🙂 I SAY that’s WAY cool. We’re going to the Dinosaur National Monument. Yay!


I AM SO super duper looking forward to this. (NERD ALERT)

Question: When it comes to Dinosaurs, I am a total nerd…WHAT would you SAY makes you a nerd?



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