It’s Britney B****!!!!

TGIF to the extreme!!

 I had a long day at work today. I think because I’m way too excited for this weekend. I am officially naming this trip…how or why would someone name a trip?! Because I’m a nerd that’s why. The name is of our trip is…..


Yup this is the “It’s Britney…BITCH” trip. hahaha I may or may not say that A LOT this weekend.

Kind of like this…


and this..


and even…


Wow that’s already annoying. hahaha…I’m sure Craig will be SO over it by Sunday.

Before we leave tomorrow I’m going to TRY to fit in a short run. We are leaving early but I should be able to at least run 3-4 miles.

I hope you have an awesome weekend!! I will have lots of pics from our Vegas trip. 🙂



One comment on “It’s Britney B****!!!!

  1. Melissa says:

    Hope you had fun!! Can’t wait to read about it 🙂

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