Straight from Jillian’s Mouth

Yesterday I was happy it was Friday but honestly I’ve been looking forward to Saturday even more. I have SO much to do today. This whole week has been craziness. A few things that happened this week that put me back on my daily duties. Here are a couple that set me WAY back…

~ After picking up sushi on Monday for lunch on my way after work I got home to a broken lock. Our front door lock was completely broken and would only go around in circles. I think it was about 108 degrees outside that day. It was CRAZY. It’s fixed now but it took us awhile to get inside. We had to buy 2 new locks because out of frustration I also broke the other one 😉 It was SO hot outside…I blame the heat. So that set me back another day from unpacking.

~ Then on Thursday our power was out when I got home from work. YUP. I guess there were about 30k people without power for a few hours. That means that the clothes I hadn’t washed yet…didn’t get washed that day. I also didn’t unpack…TOO HOT.

So it’s Saturday and I STILL haven’t unpacked. Well everything I put on hold this week is getting done today. This is my list of things to do…



~ Nails

~Catch up on blogs

~ Wash Dishes

~ Pay bills 😦

~ Shopping for our vacation coming up

Then I’m going to my parents for a few hours. Tonight Craig and I are going downtown for some 4th of July festivities 🙂

Yesterday I also participated on some festivities with some friends from work. My friends last day was yesterday 😦 Feels like all my peeps are moving away. She isn’t moving from AZ but won’t be working with me anymore. But it wasn’t a sad thing, it was something GREAT for her so we celebrated.


I drank my FIRST ever beer!! I’ve had little sips here and there before to taste different ones to see if I would eventually like one but never drank a whole one!!!! I finished it!! Yay!! Oh and I still don’t like beer, I just didn’t want to waste it so I sipped on it for over an hour. haha. It was strong though and I was a little tipsy from just one. I’m weak….

Oh it was Agave Wheat…have you tried it before? It didn’t taste any different to me. My friend likes Coronas though and said mine was weak. haha. It wasn’t for me 🙂

Afterwards Craig and I went to froyo and a long drive.

This morning we woke up early and picked up my Bountiful Basket. I’m really starting to get disappointed with my baskets. It seems to be less and less every time. It’s still a good amount of fruit and veggies for 15 bucks but I want the good ol’ days back. They used to give SO much more.

When we got back we went on a bike ride. We did 8 miles and they were 8 great miles. It was nice out this morning, It’s suppose to be 117 degrees today I think…..

I’ll be going for my long run super early tomorrow. It was nice for a bike ride at about 7am but that won’t work for me on a run. Oh and I get to wear my new “Unstoppable” running top 🙂

After our bike ride we had breakfast and then I had some time to catch up on my magazines. Fitness Magazine interviewed Jillian Michaels.


Here are a couple of things she said that I wanted to share.

What she said about running a marathon…

Yup!!! Straight from Jillian. When I read this I was like…UMMMMM. Seems like those last 6 miles are going to be the hardest. It’s okay though, It will be all worth it once I cross the finish line.

A workout she always includes in her routine no matter how much she hates it….


What do you hate to include in your workouts but still do it because you know it works?

I would say for me is stretching. It’s not my favorite thing to do but since getting injured I know how important it is.

Alright, going to get started on my list. Have a good day!!



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