I LOVE Moab!!!

Hi Bloggies!!! I am BACK!! I had the BEST time on our vacation. I’m SO tired though and have taken yesterday and most of today to rest. It’s crazy how you go on vacation to rest sometimes but come back even more tired. It’s like a good feeling though because you know that you took advantage of every minute. We sure did. It was AMAZING. I’m going to try to put into words the fun and beauty we experienced but I’m not very good with words and way better with pictures. So of course I took a lot and I have A LOT to share with you. These are from our first and second day.

Here are some numbers for you from our trip…

1 Garmin lost 😦

3 Mosquito bites

6 days of hiking ( I can’t even count the # of trails we hiked)

1,953 pictures taken

1,982 miles driven

3,096 calories burned (just from hikes, I didn’t wear my HRM for walks)

I’m going to warn you in advance that there is A LOT of pictures. I hope you enjoy them 🙂

We left pretty early on Sunday morning. We knew we had a lot of ground to cover and wanted to get there as soon as we could.

The drive was pretty scenic and once we reached Monument Valley it flew by.

Before we left Craig said that he hoped it rained while we were driving and his wish came true. 

This was Monument Valley, it was so pretty and we were both so happy that we took the scenic drive. We would’ve bypassed it but decided to go for it and it was way worth it.

Monument Valley is partly in Arizona and then goes into Utah.

When we reached Moab we saw this arch from far away. We both got so excited. Our FIRST ARCH in Moab!!! Yay.

There was a short little hike up to the arch. This arch is called Wilson Arch.

Then we got into town and it was still cloudy and rainy, which we loved 🙂

The town is full of people who love to hike, 4 wheel drive, mountain bike, rock climb and so much more.

We LOVED Moab. So much that we might go back in October. There were so many trails to hike or mountain bike. We want to go back for a few days and try to do as many as possible.

We ate at a little pizza restaurant and had the most delicious pizza. Not sure if we were so hungry because we skipped lunch but we tore it up. It was so good. Then we walked around the town and bought souvenirs. I bought a shirt that you’ll see later 😉

When we went to Zion National Park a few years back I didn’t buy a shirt and I regret it till this day. So I made sure to get one in Moab since I loved it so much.

The next morning we headed to Arches National Park for some hiking and 4 wheeling.

Our original plan when we started planning this trip was to go to Canyonlands but we read Arches National Park had more hiking trails so we decided on that instead. When we go back we do plan on checking out Canyonlands though. 😉

The drive into the park was beautiful, we kept spotting arches all over. We were like little kids so excited.

We got to our first trail to see the Sand Dune Arch.

Obviously this trail had a lot of sand. haha. It was hard to walk through, we were both breathing hard.

This was inside the canyon where the arch was.

In front of Sand Dune Arch.

After that we started our 4 wheeling trail to get to the Tower Arch.

Craig loves 4 wheeling which is one of the reasons we want to go back to Moab.

We reached the Tower Arch trail and started hiking. This trail was a little scary because it was so secluded. I kept thinking something was following us to have us for lunch. It was our favorite arch and hiking trail there though.


Then we hiked more and found more arches.

There were a few trails and arches located at Devils Garden. By the time we made it to Devils Garden it was HOT!!

This one is the Tunnel Arch.

These trails are also in Devils Garden.

This one is the Delicate Arch, which is on Utah’s license plate. It was one of the smallest and the name is very fitting.

This was our last hike of the day. This is the Double Arch, one of our favorites.

We were at the park all day. We skipped lunch again, well we had beef jerky in between hikes. haha. We were starving by the end of the day. We were very satisfied with all the hiking we did and were kind of sad to leave the park.

We ate at this little place in Moab before leaving to Salt Lake City. It was also delicious. I enjoyed every meal we had on this trip. Maybe because we were busy most of the time and by the time we got to eat I was starving. No se. But the food was good.

After lunch/dinner we headed to Salt Lake City which is about 4 hours away. We didn’t leave from Moab until about 5pm. We loved Moab and like I said, we plan on going back….maybe this year. 🙂

Tomorrow I have pictures from our stay in Salt Lake City, which I also loved 🙂



6 comments on “I LOVE Moab!!!

  1. Craig White says:

    It was an awesome trip.

  2. Melissa says:

    How fun!! Looks like you guys had a blast. Sorry about the Garmin! 😦

  3. Becky says:

    I LOVE Arches. It’s such a beautiful and unique place! You were definitely super close to me this weekend, and I can’t wait to see your pictures of Salt Lake. I love it here! Where are you from?

    • betybliss says:

      It was a beautiful place. We had such a great time in Salt Lake City. I think I saw that you’re running Timpanogos Half Marathon, we hiked to Timpanogos Cave. I got excited when I saw that you’re running the half 🙂

      I’m from Mesa, Arizona.

  4. Pink Runner says:

    You lost your Garmin!?!?! 😦 Glad the rest of the trip was fun!

    • betybliss says:

      I didn’t lose mine but my bf did. He is already ordering a new one. He loved his Garmin and was very sad when we figured out that he had lost it.

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