Dino Day

Two more days left of our vacation pictures then I’ll get into Disneyland Half Marathon posts and such 😉 It’s only a little over a month away. Yay!

We stayed in SLC for two days then continued on our journey. We woke up bright and early, got ready and packed up the truck to go.

I was really looking forward to going to the Dinosaur National Monument. We ate breakfast and we were on our way.

Most of the drive to the monument was really pretty. As we got closer to the Utah/Colorado border it changed from really green to more desert looking, which I like because I live in Arizona. It was huge change though. It got hotter too.

I was like a little kid when we got to the monument visitor center. I looked at all the souvenirs while we waited for the shuttle and I wanted EVERYTHING.

The shuttle drives you to the beginning of a short hike.

This was really cool but to be honest it wasn’t as cool as I expected. Maybe I built it up too much in my head or maybe because the main part of the monument is under construction until October. I knew this ahead of time so we went there knowing that and I’m still very happy that we went.

This made our drive to Ouray, Colorado 2 hours longer but Craig being awesome made sure we made it part of the trip no matter how long it took because he knows how much it meant to me 🙂 He spoils me.

Real DINO bone!!!

They had a ranger tell us all about how they discovered all the bones and a lot of the history.

I was hanging on to the wall for my life, maybe I’m not completely over my fear of heights.

I can totally picture dinosaurs drinking from the river.

After the hike we waiting for the shuttle to pick us up, then we bought souvenirs 🙂 Craig bought me a shirt!! Wooohoooo. I bought a coffee cup and more stuff for my family.

The Dinosaur National Monument is partly in Utah and the park part of it is in Colorado.

I love the street names.

We had planned to eat lunch in Dinosaur but when we got there it was a REALLY small town. By this time it was already a little past 2pm and we were starving. There was nowhere to eat there other than gas station food. So we picked up a few small things to get us by.

The Brontosaurus has always been my favorite dinosaur. When I was little I remember our teacher teaching us this really cute dinosaur song but I’ve never heard it again, I’ve tried searching for it but can’t find it 😦

The drive to Ouray got prettier and prettier as we got closer. We could see the mountains from far away and knew that Ouray was somewhere in them.

Then we arrived at our next destination…

As soon as we got into town we were so HAPPY that we got a hotel in the town. We were being cheapos when we were planning and almost got a hotel about an hour away from the town but then we just went for it and it paid off.

They say Ouray is “Switzerland of America.” I’ve never been to Switzerland but if it’s like Ouray then I want to go. I loved it.

This was our view from our room. Ouray is surrounded by mountains, it’s really comfy and cute.

As soon as we got in our room I plopped down on the bed. I was tired, but no time to be tired while you’re on vacation. Nope….it was time for dinner. We were so hungry too since we didn’t have much of a lunch. The place we ate at was again…delicious.

Then we walked around the town and bought more souvenirs 🙂 I wore my Moab souvenir shirt that day too.

We looked at a few trails we could do the following morning and then sat outside our room talking.

It was so peaceful and nice.

Tomorrow is the last day of vacation pictures and like I said I’ll get back into running stuff.

Hope you’re having a great day.



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