Disneyland Half Marathon 2009

Good morning 🙂 I’ve been looking forward to today all week. Usually it’s not fun going to the Dr’s but I really need to go so I’m happier today.

Courtney from Third Times a Charm gave me an idea….. I decided instead of Say WHAT Wednesday I would post my Disneyland Half Marathon videos. I watched them this morning and now I’m EVEN MORE excited for the race. I needed some extra motivation and that definitely gave me some. I knew we had a blast at the race but watching them brought back so many memories.

I don’t think I’ll have a runners point of view video this year since I’m running it alone but I’m sure I’ll take some pictures with my phone that I can add to the regular video. Craig always makes me one and I love it 🙂

Question: Do you take pictures during a race?

Have a great day!!



13 comments on “Disneyland Half Marathon 2009

  1. I hope it’s not weird that I’m commenting 8 minutes after you posted this. But I love this! What a great thing to have – I usually don’t take any pics during a race. Now that I see everyone else do it I might give it a shot!

  2. courtney says:

    ahh i love this!!! (and thanks for the shoutout!) this makes me want to do the tinkerbell one even more. that’s awesome that you have these to look back on. thanks for sharing!!

  3. Beth says:

    I can’t wait until our schedule lets us do the Disney races. I’ve only taken a few pictures while actually on the run. I’ve only managed to drop the camera and trip over myself. Jessie’s the natural.

  4. Amber says:

    I’m excited about the race! Did you just LOVE it?? I’m from Anaheim so I can’t wait. I’m number 1562. =)

    • betybliss says:

      I LOVED it. I ran it with my friend and we had so much fun. There were characters out and we stopped and took pictures with them. We weren’t very concerned about time and just wanted to have fun. I’m running alone this time so I hope I still enjoy it as much as last time. My number 6936. I love going to expos so I’m excited about that too 🙂

    • Sabrina says:

      haha i’m 14660!

  5. Sabrina says:

    aw how sad I can’t watch the second video! this is my first time running…any advice?

    • betybliss says:

      The best advice I can give is to enjoy every minute of it. Just have fun. Oh and always smile when you see a camera man around 😉 Even if you don’t feel like it, you’ll be happy you did when you see the pictures.

      • sabrina says:

        did you carry your camera with you the whole time? and did you listen to music on your run? My friend suggested gel packs to get me through. what do you think? I’m not a runner, and I’ve been running/walking pace but the farthest I’ve done is 6 miles.

      • betybliss says:

        Yeah I usually do carry my camera on races. I’m used to carrying my phone with me on long runs so I would only recommend carrying one if you are used to doing it on long runs. I always listen to my ipod on long runs or races. If someone is running with me then I’ll just pause or stop it when we want to talk. I have never carried gel packs with me because they usually have them at races but I see a lot of people do that. If you have a little pocket or hydration pack then I would recommend taking gel packs just incase. Also make sure to use the bathroom before the race starts, even if you don’t feel like you need to. Also don’t eat anything new the morning of the race, eat what you have been eating on your long runs. I think Disney has been one of my most memorable races, I think it’s a good one to start with 🙂 Have fun.

  6. Sabrina says:

    thank you! so I went to roadrunner the other day, found me an awesome 2 bottle belt, and there’s a big enough bag if i needed to put my camera in it. and as far gel pack my client had said that he holds his in a zip lock bag, but i did some searching and i actually found a belt that holds 10! so i wore both of them and i think this is going to work!! what do you think about compression socks!? i ran 7 miles on sun and now my lower right leg is slighly swollen n feels like a bruise, we were going to run tomorrow, but i think i just need to rest until the marathon..i don’t want to hurt myself!
    thanks for everything!

    • betybliss says:

      You’re welcome. I’m so happy to hear that you found something that works for you. I’ve seen a lot of people using those belts and they seem to really work. In regards to the compression socks, I LOVE them. Again, it’s different for everyone but I personally really like them. I’ve used them on long runs before and they help me a lot. I also use them the night before a long run and after.
      I hope your lower leg gets better soon. I agree with being so close to the race that maybe taking time some time to rest is probably the best. Good Luck!! Do you have a blog that I can follow? I would really like to read it 🙂

  7. Sabrina says:

    um I only have my weight loss blog, and I haven’t updated it in a while, but I most def will update with the disney marathon. it is http://sabbie516.blogspot.com/

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