Running on my mind…

This morning Craig and I went on a run and it felt awesome starting the day like that. It was a bit humid outside because it rained last night but there was a little breeze so it helped. There was also a lot of people out this morning…walking their dog, walking themselves 🙂 running, riding their bike or training for football. I love having a trail so close to our house. It’s less than half a mile away and the little walk there is our warm up. It’s mornings like this that make me happy to be a runner. (jogger)

With running on my mind I worked on my running/workout playlist. I got a few good new ones.

Here they are….

Written In The Stars- Tinie Tempah

Gucci Gucci- Kreayshawn 

Booty Wurk- T. Pain ( Sometimes you just gotta work, I mean WURK that booty ;))

Rain Over Me- Pitbull Ft. Mark Anthony (When this first came out I didn’t really like it but now I do)

Lighters- Eminem ft. Bruno Mars

I’m Into You-Jennifer Lopez Ft. Lil Wayne ( I usually love everything that has Eminem or Lil Wayne in it)

Don’t Wanna Go Home- Jaaaaason Derulooooo (Makes me want to say it like that when I hear his name)

Pumped Up Kicks- Foster The People

Stereo Hearts- Gym Class Heroes Ft. Adam Levine

Also today I got two things I ordered last week 🙂 I love getting packages. Wooohooo!

I’ve ALWAYS wanted a sweaty band because they have so many cute ones. I don’t usually wear something on my head, they never stay on. I’ve heard great things about these though so I’m going to give it a shot. I’ll try it on Saturday 🙂

It’s going to go along with my Disneyland Half Marathon outfit. If it works out then I’m sure I’ll order more. They have SO many cute ones.

I also got my running skirt, my friend Cristina said it looks like a golfing skirt. I love how these skirts fit around the waist and booty area. I think they are a little long, for my taste but maybe it’s so you don’t show your booty to peeps when we are running. Smart Thinking 🙂 I might try this out on Saturday too.

Today I’m running a few more miles at the gym and some ST. 🙂 What’s your workout going to be tonight? Or is it a rest day for you?

Another question…Any other good songs you recommend I add to my playlist?

Have a good evening!!



5 comments on “Running on my mind…

  1. courtney says:

    i’m loving superbass (nicki minaj), look at me now (chris brown), moves like jagger & never want to leave this bed (maroon5), God gave me you (dave barnes), talking to the moon (bruno mars). sorry i can ramble about music all day! thanks for the suggestions!

    jaaaaason deruloooo HA, but so true!

  2. […] It’s less than half a mile away and the little walk there is our warm up. Read more here:Running on my mind… « UnstoppableAugust 4th,2011 | […]

  3. Kara says:

    Hi, I found you when I was searching for Disneyland Half Marathon outfits, and just wanted to say hi. I’m running the half marathon this weekend too! Good luck out there!

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