Back To Horton


Hi!! I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a nice relaxing weekend. Yesterday we drove to Payson, Arizona for a day of hiking.


My sister joined us, she hiked part of Horton Creek Trail with us last year and was determined to make it all the way this time.

It had rained there earlier and the dirt trail was a little wet. It was nice that way because you could smell the wet dirt. One of my favorite smells 🙂

The trail starts off pretty easy.

Craig and I were happy to have fit Horton into our hiking plans this summer. We have another trail that we want to do before summer is over. These are trails that are best done in the summer.

We love going hiking alone but when other people join us we also like it because we get to show them something they might not have seen before.

My sister acts like she doesn’t like it as much as us but we know she does 😉


While you’re on the trail you can hear the creek and it’s so relaxing.


We always stop at this same spot to enjoy it and maybe a light snack.

Craig and my sister pondering. lol

After awhile the trail becomes REALLY rocky. By the end of the hike the bottom of our feet were aching, even with hiking boots on.

Here are a few friends we made on the way 🙂


The trail comes to a few steep switchbacks. Once we get there we know we are almost done but it can get tough there.

My sister was really proud of herself since she made it further than before and she was able to do the whole trail.


We hiked a little more than the 8 miles to Horton Springs.

After posing for pictures we found a nice little picnic area and had Powerbars. The last time Craig and I did Horton Creek Trail we took sandwiches and had a picnic, this time we had a place in mind we wanted to try after the hike.


As we were heading back we noticed the clouds above us. They were really dark and we were happy we finished the hike right on time.

After our hike we went to “Buffalo Bar & Grill” for lunch. It was super good. The drive back was nice and cloudy. I love hiking 🙂 I told Craig that I don’t know if I’d ever be able to live at a place that doesn’t have mountains. We have them everywhere and I love enjoying that. I’ve never been to a place that didn’t have mountains all around.



5 comments on “Back To Horton

  1. Pink Runner says:

    AHHHHHH WHAT IS THAT LIZARD THING IN THAT PICTURE?!??!?!?! oh my gosh that would give me a heart attack. It looks HUGE! Seriously I can’t stop looking at it and screaming a little…

  2. courtney says:

    how beautiful!! and what the heck is that lizard thing?! it looks like a dinosaur baby!

  3. Hey Betty! Just found your blog and looove your hiking pictures so much! I’m a huge hiking fan as well!

  4. Cynthia says:

    Such a beautiful place! I need to plan a day hiking trip!

    You totally need to buy one of the Sparkle skirts!! For both races 🙂
    I found them thru another blogger too. Did you check out their costume section? Its under their blog section. They have lots of ideas for Disney races. I love the tinker bell and minnie mouse costume ideas. Post pics of the one you buy!

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