SAY WHAAAAAT Wednesday!!


To start off…Have you seen these skirts before?!!

Team Sparkle


I had never seen them until this morning. Thanks to Cynthia from Run, Dream & Laugh Out Loud now I know of another possible outfit 😉

Say What?!! I love them already!! What do you think?

So I’m all over the place today. This morning I was watching “Batman Begins” and I noticed Christian Bale is drinking something green in the movie!! Could it be a Green Monster?!!

So I decided to find out more but I couldn’t find any pictures of that scene, I did find this though.

Was Ironman drinking a Green Monster?


Say WHAT?!!!!

I kept looking around and  found this too…


Then I read that Usher gives Justin Bieber one in “Never Say Never” which I have seen by the way 😉 I just don’t remember that part. Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool. I got all excited when I saw BATMAN possibly drinking a green monster.

Yes I’m a nerd, I know 🙂

I started thinking about other good, cool, awesome, interesting green things..

Source Source


Yeah I told you it was random. 🙂

Question: What is something you like that is GREEN?

Have a fun random day 🙂




3 comments on “SAY WHAAAAAT Wednesday!!

  1. Melissa says:

    Green’s my fav color, so really i like anything green! Well, except for boogers. 😉

  2. Courtney says:

    guacamole!!!! ole!

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