“I’m never hiking this trail again”

🙂 I hope you all had a great weekend. My weekend went by WAY too fast.

This weekends adventure was another hike. We are taking advantage of having some weekends that are free to do the longer, further away trails and trying to show my sister some of our favorite hiking trails.

On Saturday morning we headed a little past Payson, Arizona to a small town named Strawberry. The trail we did is Fossil Springs Trail. It’s 8 miles round trip but we explore a little further which ends up being a little over 9 miles. We didn’t get to do this trail last year so we made sure to make time for it this year.

We were ready to start the trail at about 9:30 am. My sister was a little nervous because we told her MANY times that this trail is NO JOKE. She wanted to challenge herself and was a trooper though. She insisted we do it, even though she was a little scared.

The trail is easy on the way down. You go down 4 miles dropping nearly 2000 feet.


It’s awesome when you’re going down but Craig and I knew it’s tough cookies when you have to hike back out.

I didn’t drink any water on the way down, I knew we would need it on the way out. My sister on the other hand….well that part comes later. haha

This is how the trail looks for the most part until you get down to the spring.

When we reached this point we told my sister this was it. She didn’t fall for our trick.

Then we made it to what I say is the first spring. A lot of people go for this part. It’s really pretty and a nice picnic area.

It’s also a fun “swing around” area 😉

I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even hold myself up.

We fooled around this spot for a bit, ate our lunch and then headed to what I say is the “main attraction.”

We decided to keep our water shoes on for this part because we knew we would need them again and the trail doesn’t get very difficult.

The first time Craig and I did this hike we didn’t bring water shoes. We didn’t know what to expect so the hike out was very uncomfortable. We had to walk across a waterfall with our hiking boots on so they were still wet on the way out. Hiking up 4 steep miles in wet hiking boots and socks is NOT FUN. So we made sure to bring them this time.

It’s really pretty and green in this area.


Then you get to this part 🙂

We had to walk across the waterfall and my sister was freaking out. She doesn’t like water but I know she liked doing it once it was over. Craig and I knew we could do it because we’ve done it before and it’s not very deep.

People jumping off.

I got in the water again 😉 At first its super cold but it’s so nice once you’re in there. The water temperature is the same no matter when you go.

Craig loves this area. We spent a lot of time at this spot, ate some snacks and watched people jump off the waterfall. We both got in but my sister didn’t. She really doesn’t like water.

Once we were ready we changed into on our hiking boots and headed out.

We didn’t take pictures of the way out. I wish I had. The way out is tough, like I said before. We stopped a few times for a quick break but made good timing. It usually takes about 4 hours for the trip and it took us a little less. The whole trip was almost 7 hours because we goofed around a lot at the bottom but the actual hiking time was 3:53 according to our gps.

There was one point when we checked how much water we all had and it was less than what we all thought. The last time Craig and I hiked this trail we brought A LOT a lot of extra water. It was a pain on the way out because we had to carry it all back out but we didn’t want to risk not having enough. This time we each had our bigger Camelbaks and a few extra water bottles. My sister of course finished all hers. I was starting to get a little worried because she drinks A LOT of water and I didn’t want her getting weak or anything like that. It was also a little hotter than the last time we hiked it. She is a trooper and will keep on pushing but she doesn’t have a lot of hiking experience and I kept worrying. I started to feel a little nauseas and weak at some points. Craig gave me some Powerbar and it seriously saved my life. lol. I kept telling Craig that. I don’t really like those but at that point it was so delicious (kind of like the gel when you’re running a half marathon) Craig became in charge of the water making sure we only drank what we actually needed. lol. My sister said multiple times that she was NEVER hiking this trail again.  She loved going down, being by the water and the scenery but hated hiking out. haha. Once we were almost at the top though she was all laughter and jokes. Maybe next year she will be over it 😉

I was really proud of her for doing a great job. She complains sometimes but she is so much stronger than she thinks. Craig and I were happy that we made it out on this trail again. We’ll see what adventure next weekend brings 🙂



3 comments on ““I’m never hiking this trail again”

  1. Becky says:

    That hike looks gorgeous! I’m so jealous!

  2. Melissa says:

    That place looks amazing! If only i could go there & not have to hike back up…!;)

  3. I love your adventurous and active hiking weekends! So much fun. I wish we had awesome spots like that closer to me.

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