My First…

and only Heart Rate Monitor is dying 😦 I get attached to things and I of course named my HRM. It’s a Polar and her name is Millie. 🙂


I’ve had her for over 2 years and she has been awesome. For about a month now I’ve been having issues on and off. Sometimes it won’t read my heart rate right even though I adjust the strap. I never had issues before that. On Monday the battery icon came on showing that it’s running really low. I have a few weeks before she is a goner. I got really sad when I saw that but I was also happy to know that she wasn’t messing up because she was broken….just the battery.

When I first bought my hrm I didn’t really know much about it and it worked really good for the things I was doing at that time. As I started running more and more I started eyeing a Garmin 😉 I felt guitly, like if I was cheating on Millie. (I know I’m a WEIRDO) Anyway, I just couldn’t get myself to buy a Garmin when my Millie worked perfectly fine. I used mapmyrun if I wasn’t doing a trail that was marked. I was happy with it. Well then Craig got a Garmin and I must admit I was a little jealous. He would show me all the cool things it did and I was happy for him but I also secretly wanted one. LOL.

So when the low battery came on Millie I had two choices…

1) Replace the battery…DUH!!

2) Order a Garmin….I’ve been wanting one for about a year.

I decided to order the Garmin. 🙂

 I also decided to give my sister my Polar, now that she is being all active then I think it’s good for her to have one. So I told her this morning and we are going to replace the battery. She asked if she had to keep her name Millie. lol. I told her that was her name.

Anyway, so I should have my new Garmin before Disney!!! Yay! I am way excited and now I’ll be part of the cool Garmin peeps 🙂

Here’s the one I ordered….


Garmin Forerunner 405 🙂 I can’t wait to get this baby in the mail. Yay! I won’t have to mapmyrun anymore ahead of time or use my phone. hee hee. I wish it had flowers on it like my Millie did. haha. Jk. (or am I?..)

Questions: Do you have a hrm? Did you go straight to the Garmin or mess around with other brands?

I’m working on my running playlist right now for Disney. Is there any new songs you recommend I add?



6 comments on “My First…

  1. Beth says:

    Do you have to wear a chest strap with your new Garmin? Mine has one (I went straight for the 305) but it’s really difficult to wear. It slips around and such

    • betybliss says:

      Yeah it comes with the strap. I was between the 305 and 405 also. I decided on the 405 because when I tried my bf’s 305 it felt too big. I really like the 305 screen though. He might actually switch to the 405 if he likes it. He wants me to try it first.

  2. Oooh the Garmin will change your life! Haha. I have a 305 and it’s awesome!!

  3. courtney says:

    that 405 is a beauty!! (don’t tell millie i said that)

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