Hot and Sweaty

 Good morning!!


This was my last run before the race on Sunday. Tomorrow I’m running with my sister but we go at her pace and stop whenever she wants so I don’t count it as “my” run. 🙂 I felt a lot better this morning so I knew I had to take advantage and go for a run.

Partly Cloudy91°F

It was hot outside but cloudy so it made it a little better.

I’m new at the whole Garmin connect thing so it’s like freaking awesome to me still. Even though Craig’s had it for a while it was still new to me. Now I understand why he would look at it over and over again. I like seeing all the charts and stuff. It’s pretty cool.

Here’s my run information…..



Time: 00:33:47
Distance: 3.09 mi
Elevation Gain: 6 ft
Calories: 336 C
Now that I have the Garmin, I realize how much slower I am than last year. I used to run 3.1 miles in 31 minutes. Craig said it wasn’t that much of a difference but it’s still a difference to me. I need to keep working at it so I can be where I was and BETTER 🙂
Time: 00:33:47
Moving Time: 00:33:23
Elapsed Time: 00:33:47
Avg Speed: 5.5 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 5.6 mph
Max Speed: 7.2 mph
Avg Pace: 10:56 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace: 10:48 min/mi
Best Pace: 08:21 min/mi
Laps 4
Minutes per MileAvg Pace
Summary 00:33:47 3.09 10:56
1 00:10:55 1.00 10:55
2 00:11:13 1.00 11:13
3 00:10:43 1.00 10:43
4 00:00:54 0.09 10:16
I promise to not post all this on every run, like I said I’m still excited about my Garmin. haha. I’ll get over it 😉
Nothing much going on today.
~ laundry
~ nails
~ watch Kill Bill 2 😉 (watching movies like this make me feel harcore, I know I’m not her but still)
~ start packing
~ make sure I have all the paperwork I need (confirmation sheet, hotel info,etc.)
~ yoga
~Gym with Craig for some ST action
Then dinner and relax.
I can’t wait for tomorrow night. I love the night before leaving on a trip. It’s all hectic and crazy. haha 😉 We are leaving VERY early on Friday because we are going straight to Disneyland and California Aventures. Yay!! I am SO excited.
Have a good day!!



3 comments on “Hot and Sweaty

  1. courtney says:

    so excited for your race!! i just realized mine is less than 3 weeks away and got super pumped/nervous/excited/scared.

    and i really need to figure out the garmin connect. haven’t even tried.

  2. Congrats on all the training and hard work 🙂

    I think its time for me to purchase a Garmin…if only it weren’t so pricey! Good luck and HAVE FUN at DISNEYLAND!!!!!!

  3. Melissa says:

    That Garmin is great!! Loooove all the info you can get.

    Have a great time this weekend!!!

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