“The Happiest Race on Earth”

Hi!! I’ve missed you guys. I’m going to spend some time catching up on blogs today. 🙂

Before I show you pictures from Disneyland and California Adventures I want to share the Expo and race pictures with you. I had SO much fun and this race is exactly what I needed to get my GROOVE back. I was so nervous about this race, I didn’t feel prepared. My last two half marathons weren’t my best. I had Pneumonia in one and the other one I was running with an injured IT Band. So even though they were still fun because I ran with people I love, they were the toughest races I’ve ever had to run. So I guess I was scared to feel sick or have issues during this race. I am VERY happy to say that I didn’t. I actually felt the best I’ve ever felt after a race. I didn’t feel sore and I wasn’t even super tired. My feet hurt but nothing crazy. I felt pretty awesome.

So I didn’t PR and I didn’t make my goal time of 2:20 😦 BUT I finished in 2:30!!!!!!!!! SAY WHAAAAT! Now to some that may not be great but I was SO PROUD of 2:30. I honestly didn’t feel that I would finish before 2:45..if that. I did my best with training but sometimes there’s things in life that you can’t control and you just have to roll with the punches. And if rolling with the punches gives me 2:30 then YAY!!! It was only 3 minutes more than my best time and with the things I’ve had to deal with lately, I am pretty impressed with myself 😉

So here is my Disneyland Half Marathon recap…..

We went to the expo on Saturday and I was expecting it to be SUPER packed but it wasn’t too bad.

Getting your bib# is awesome isn’t it? It’s one of my favorite things about running a race. It’s like official. It pumps me up big time.

I also love getting the shirt. I wear my shirts all the time. I think they might have a nickname for me at the gym. haha. This years shirt was so much better than the one in 2009…in my opinion. It fits a lot better and it’s cuter.

The expo wasn’t all that and a bag of potato chips but it was cool. We got a few things but they didn’t have too many samples. We love samples even though they make us feel sick, it’s part of the expo experience. 🙂

At the expo they had a few shows you could watch and rate for ABC. We watched “Revenge” and “Last Man Standing.” They were both good shows but I can definitely see myself watching “Revenge.” We did this the last time for “Modern Family” and loved it, we still watch it. Hilarious show.

We got done kind of late from watching the shows so we had a late lunch at ESPN Zone. We TORE IT UP!! No joke. I had the fettuccine alfredo with garlic bread then we had their version of the pazookie. I love those and this one was AMAZING!! We were stuffed. We walked around Downtown Disney for a bit then headed to our hotel for a quick nap.

We woke up at about 6pm and headed out again to dinner. First we walked around Downtown Disney again 😉 We thought we might eat somewhere there but it was so crowded, every place had a huge line. We ended up walking around quite a bit until it was almost 8pm and found this little pizza joint.

We got a pizza and salad to go and ate it at the hotel. By this time it was closer to 9pm and I was ready for bed.

I set out all my stuff and slept like a baby. For some reason it didn’t feel like I was running a half marathon the next day. It was weird.

I woke up at 3:30 am to be out the door by 4:30ish. I wanted to be in my corral by 5-5:15 am.

This is what I had before the race. I actually only ate half the bar and orange.


Without the tutu…

With the tutu…..

This was my first time making a tutu and I was a little nervous about wearing it but I LOVED running in it. I had so much fun with it on 😉 Oh and it was perfect for the Disney race. There were so many girls wearing tutu’s, I had nothing to be shy about 😉

The fact that I was going to be running a half marathon became more real as we walked with all the runners. I started to get really excited and even though I was still nervous, I was ready for it.

Ariel flower 😉

I was poppin’ my collar here, trying to act like I felt confident about running the half soon. We were waiting in line so I could use the bathroom. I learned my lesson from my first half and I always go before a race.

This is the look I was going for. I ironed on Ariel on the front of my shirt with some bling, purple top, green shorts and tutu and a flower in my hair. I wanted to be comfortable enough to run but still have the “Ariel” look.

The corrals were CRAZY, I don’t remember them being this full before. You can see how far back it went in this picture. This is even after corrals A,B and C had already started. The last time I was in corral C and this time I was in corral D.

This is probably the best picture Craig got of me running. haha. But he did get video and this was his first time working both the cameras since my sister didn’t go. I took some pictures with my phone but most of them are blurry. I want to show them on a separate post with the professional pictures.

I got to see my friend Cristina at about the 2nd mile I think. Then I saw my friend Rams at the 3rd mile and we stayed together for about a mile. There were so many people and it’s kind of hard to go around people inside the parks since the streets are so small but it was so much fun. I also noticed that there were A LOT more characters out this time, way more than 2009. I didn’t stop to take any pictures with the characters but I tried to take some just running by.

For most of the race I felt pretty good. The only thing that bothered me a bit was that I needed the bathroom…not #1. For people like me when this feeling comes around it’s like a magical moment. TMI….Sometimes days go by without nothing…so when I felt the urge, I almost stopped to go to a porta potty but I decided that if it doesn’t want to come when I want it to, then it has to wait until I want it to. So I didn’t stop the whole race, I went straight to it after the race though 😉

 There was a point when I knew I wasn’t going to finish at 2:20 but I was so happy that I felt great still. Even after going through the Angels Stadium which is about the 10th mile, I felt awesome. I was just enjoying all the sights and having fun. I was a little surprised with myself to be honest.

I finished in 2:30 and I am VERY proud of that time 🙂

I like the medal too, it’s so big though. haha.

With my #1. He was proud of me too, he knew I would finish at a good time and kept me pushing throughout the race. 🙂

I loved running this race again and I would totally run it again. Maybe the Tinkerbell or Princess Half…..;)

Tomorrow I’ll post the pictures for our Disneyland/California Adventures day. It was magical and we had fun. The Little Mermaid ride made me tear up…no joke. I’m such a crybaby.

Time to catch up on blogs 🙂

Have a good day!!



5 comments on ““The Happiest Race on Earth”

  1. Congrats!!! That looks like such a FUN race! Your outfit was adorable – I loved how you had Ariel on your tank. The Little Mermaid is without a doubt my fav Disney movie of all time. I will have to run that race next year for sure.

  2. Becky says:

    Great race!!! Well done! I think all the Disney races look so fun. I’m going to have to do one one day!

  3. Melissa says:

    Loooove your outfit!! And great job on nailing that 2:30!!

  4. courtney says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit!!! You rocked it and the half! I hope I can do a Disney race soon. Gotta get the first half done first though! Can’t wait to see your video! GREAT JOB!!

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