Creepers out and about…

Good morning 🙂

I don’t think I’m surprised anymore when I go outside in the morning and it’s nice and cool. I guess this is how it will be for a while. Wooohoooo! It was 72 degrees this morning on my run. It was really nice.

I’m going to miss summer though. Even though it get’s really hot in AZ, I still love it. Summer is fun. I like fall too but Winter….not as much as I used to like it. Actually I like everything about Winter except running in it. It doesn’t get super cold here but it still makes my back hurt and my legs stiff. I guess I shouldn’t complain, it could be worse. AZ does have pretty nice weather MOST of the time 😉


This morning I only ran 2.5 miles because there were some creepers out on the trail that really scared me. I wanted to stick as close as I could to Craig and my sister so I cut my run short. I think I might have to find another trail to run when I go running alone because these were creepers I’ve seen before. Ugh 😦 Craig started his Las Vegas training so he will be running with me more often and I might not have to worry about running alone as much. 🙂 If I do go running alone then I might go to my favorite park.

In other running news…

I registered for the Women’s Half Marathon this morning. This was the only race that I still had not registered for, even though I knew I was running it for sure. Not sure why I waited so long. haha. I’m all set now though and last night I ordered this baby 🙂


Daniela and I decided to wear it for the Women’s Half Marathon in November. I’m also considering in getting one for Las Vegas but Craig hasn’t decided what colors he wants us to wear this year. We still have time….

Last night Craig and I registered for the Susan G. Komen 5k run on October 9th. We’ve done this for 3 years and LOVE it.

Not running related news. Tonight my sister and I are attending this class….

Pole~ah~Tease Sexy Core Workout™

Plan on an intensely beautiful workout! This is 45 min of deep strength training with a blissful warm-up followed by all the exercises you need to shape your curves and train your body in the art of sensual dance. No pole or dance training – this is simply the workout. And, although Pole~ah~Tease classes are usually excluded from the Club MiE Girl membership & also a higher rate for drop-ins… we let you have this one just like it’s a regular fitness class! Enjoy getting your sexy work-out on.

Express Mie

I’m looking forward to it 🙂

Hope you all have a GREAT Tuesday!!



3 comments on “Creepers out and about…

  1. Melissa says:

    Super cute skirt!! And sorry the creepers are taking over your workout area. But you can never be too careful/safe!

  2. courtney says:

    how was the class?! and that skirt is too cute!

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