SAY WHAT Wednesday

Good morning 🙂 Time for SAY What?????!

A lot of new and old shows are starting this month. Two of the ones we’ve been waiting for are Biggest Loser and Modern Family.

The new season of Biggest Loser premiered last night…


What did you think?

Like every season, I teared up a few times. I am WAY looking forward to seeing them run a marathon. I love when they make them do that. I seriously cry every time.

Say WHAT do you think of the new trainers?

I missed Jillian but I think the new trainers did pretty well. Anna seems a lot tougher than I thought she would be. I guess it’s just the first episode, too soon to tell how they will do.


Modern Family 1 hour premier tonight!!! We LOVE this show. We have been hooked since we watched it at the Disneyland Expo in 2009. We like to think that we are part of the reason why they have made it BIG. hahaha 🙂

What shows were you looking forward to starting?

I’m also thinking about watching Terra Nova. Come on…it’s like Jurassic Park, how can I not watch it?!




2 comments on “SAY WHAT Wednesday

  1. Melissa says:

    Loved the Biggest Loser last night. Tom & I couldnt remember the new guy trainer’s name, so we kept calling him Zoltran, Zolvat, etc during the show. 🙂 And Modern Family is the best!!

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