Goodbye and Hello

First day of Fall!!!!

For me it means goodbye to shorts… 😦

I mean not completely…I live in Arizona and you know I’m going to try to keep wearing these babies until I absolutely can’t anymore 😉 Because I LOVE shorts.

Hello to yoga pants and running jacket….


Goodbye to my delicious Watermelon. I loved having one after a SUPER hot long run.


Hello to Pumpkin EVERYTHING!! Yum.

Goodbye to chillin’ by the pool.

Hello to hiking Camelback and more trails closer to home.


Goodbye to flip flops and summer dresses.


Hello boots and cute sweaters…..


I’m going to miss Summer. I used to hate it, dread it but now I really love it. I’m looking forward to Fall, or whatever it is we get here in Arizona.

Our runs just got easier 😉

I also want to wish my friend Diana a great half this weekend. She is going to rock it!!!!

I stole this picture from her facebook 😉

I love you amiga and I miss you. Good luck and Have FUN peluskis!

Hope everyone enjoys their first day of Fall 🙂

Question: What are you going to miss more from Summer? What “Fall” thing are you looking forward to the most?

I’m definitely looking forward to the nicer runs and hikes. I think I’ll miss Summer clothes the most.



3 comments on “Goodbye and Hello

  1. Definitely will be missing the longer days (so I can run in light in the AM) and the summer clothes. Getting dressed was just so easy! But I do love the cooler running weather and the cozy sweaters in the fall/winter.

  2. Diana Acuna says:

    Pelukis! Thank so much for all you deceos! Thank you, thank you significa the world to me!
    I Love you pelokis and miss you so much!
    Dios te bendiga y adelante y positiva como siempre amiga! Echale ganas a todo!

  3. courtney says:

    i’m loving all the fall boots!!

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