Great Week!!!

Hi peeps!! I took the week off from blogging to rest. hahaha. This week was kind of exhausting to be honest. I’m back to waking up at 3:20 am for work to be there by 5 am and my day doesn’t end until 9ish. It’s going to take time for me to get used to it again but I love getting off at 1:30 pm 🙂

This week was pretty awesome in so many ways. Even though I was tired most of the time I can slowly feel myself back to my normal me and that makes me REALLY happy.

So here is a quick (might not be very quick..sorry) update since last Sunday’s post….

I got my running skirt and I LOVE IT!!! I was going to order and Under Armour black tank the same as my purple Disneyland Half top but then I remembered I had this Nike tank. I think I might just save the money and wear this. We plan on wearing a black top anyway. Since we both have the black Recovery Socks we are considering in wearing them but we are open to changing them to other cute tube socks.

I guess I should’ve cropped out the closet mess a little. haha

We also got our Susan G. Komen shirts and bib #’s. Yay!!!! It’s next Sunday and we are so excited 🙂

Other exciting news…Craig won Cardinal tickets against the Steelers for October 23rd!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! We are Cardinal fans..we were both born and raised in AZ 🙂 Football Sunday’s are awesome and being at the game is going to be even AWESOMER (not a word :))

Yesterday I went and bought my new running shoes 🙂 I went to Roadrunner knowing what I wanted….the hot pink Lunarglide 3’s…BUT             

I ended up with the Brooks Ravenna which I already love. I tried on the Nike’s and my feet felt like they were in cushion heaven. I’ve had two pairs of Lunarglides and loved both. I tried the Brooks so I could compare them and as soon as I slipped them on, I knew they were IT. They were light, great arch support and were comfortable. Even though I liked the color of the Nike’s WAY better, they fit my personality more but it’s not all about the color 😦 I wish it was. haha. Anyway, I ran in them this morning and felt pretty great. I ran 9.2 miles and they were all great miles. No complaints.

Craig and I headed to Tempe Town Lake again this morning for our run. He had 5 miles planned and I was planning on 9 miles.

I ended up running the same course 4 times because we were denied at some point…picture above 🙂 I think they are having a festival today so the Tempe Beach Park area was blocked off.

We ran back to our cars (they waited patiently next to eachother, they both match our personality :)) and it was 4.5 miles and time for Craig to be on his way. I ate some of the gummies and drank some water.

Kissed my love goodbye and headed on my own to finish my run. I felt really good the whole time and I ran a little more than I had planned. 9.2 miles down baby!!! I was looking at my training schedule and it says I have 14 miles next weekend…..UMMMMMM for real?!!! I’ll keep you updated 😉

Running/workout update:

Tuesday I ran 6 miles, 2 in the morning with my sister outside then 4 at the gym after work.

Thursday I ran 3.5 miles and walked .5 to cool down at the gym after work. When I first started this blog I would add my workout from the previous day on the very top and I don’t know why I stopped but I’m going to start that again. I workout/run 5 days a week and take 2 rest days so I’ll be posting that again.

I felt okay after each run except my shins were really bothering me. That’s when I finally decided to get my new running shoes. Shin pain NO BUENO.

Health issues:

I’ve been feeling better and that makes me unbelievably happy. I’m not 100% yet and I still have a while to go but I can feel myself getting back to normal, little by little. I have a month left of the treatments and have increased it to 2 times a week that way I can get better sooner than later 🙂 They still SUCK major BUTT, no joke but I gotta do what I gotta do. I was told this week the meds will be longer than I expected but oh well. I thought the meds would only be while I was doing the treatment but turns out it might be 9 months. UGH!!! As long as they make me feel better than I will do anything they ask of me.

Sorry it was so long but a lot to update you on 🙂 I am going to be catching up on blogs today also. I’ve been reading them on my phone but haven’t commented. 🙂

Hope you have a great weekend!!



2 comments on “Great Week!!!

  1. Kara says:

    Holy cow! Great work! I’ve fallen off the bandwagon a bit since Disneyland but I’ve gotta get my knees back in working order before I hit any long runs. Keep up the great work!!

  2. courtney says:

    your running clothes are too cute! i’m jealous!

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