“Life is GOOD, Let’s go make it BETTER”

Happy Sunday!! Sunday’s are the best. We usually do something fun and active in the morning and use the rest of the day to rest and watch football. I love being lazy so I do not complain.

This morning I went for a hike with my sister while Craig went mountain biking with his friend. I’m sure he has some good stories to tell me about his ride because I’ve already got a few text messages that were pretty interesting…boys will be boys 🙂

My sister and I couldn’t decide what trail we wanted to do because there are just too many!! TOO EXCITING!

We ended up deciding on South Mountain…Telegraph Trail and part of National Trail. She had a late night but still wanted something challenging and I wanted a good workout but nothing crazy because my legs needed to rest from my run yesterday. So we headed over to South Mountain, she had never hiked there before…..yeah she is loca.

Since it was her first time on the trail I showed her the Petroglyphs.

Once we got done with Telegraph Pass Trail we decided to keep going on National Trail.

We were both happy with the trail we chose, especially since it was new for her.

We had fun, we always do. We make each other laugh so much because we are big nerds.

While on our hike I told her about a saying I “made” up this morning. I said it to Craig this morning while we were getting our gear ready. I told him “Life is Good, let’s go make it better” haha. So I was impressed with myself for coming up with something awesome and that I believe is true, but then Craig assured me that someone else probably came up with that saying already. So maybe I didn’t make it up but I love it. I said it a few times on our hike, my sister agreed with Craig that I probably didn’t make it up. 😉

After our hike we went to Starbucks for the egg white sandwich and for more chatting. It was a nice morning. Now it’s time to stretch, ice and rest my legs and football with my love.

Quick Fun Stuff:

I found this yesterday…

New Scottsdale Event Map Banner

Iron Girl

I’m thinking about running it. It’s a week after Las Vegas but I think it would be fun, plus I’ll still be training for the P.F. Changs Full Marathon. I will keep you posted. So many races..so little time 😉

Also here is a picture video Craig and I put together for my friend Diana. She ran the Island Girl Half in Toronto, Canada and did AWESOME!! She is coming to visit in December and I CAN’T wait!! I miss her 😦

This morning I found this newish Kelly Clarkson video. Her new cd is coming out on 10/24/2011.. Yay!! I really like the song and the video.

Alright peeps, Hope you have a great relaxing Sunday!!




7 comments on ““Life is GOOD, Let’s go make it BETTER”

  1. courtney says:

    love those purple capris!

  2. Diana Acuna says:

    South Mountain I love the trail there! Maybe we can go hiking en December!! Thank you again for my lovely video, me encanto y me hiciste llorara de la emocion! Neta que eres una super amiga! I miss you a lot! Te quiero mucho..Good Nigh! saludos a la familia…

  3. Great pictures! I really wish I lived somewhere that had landscapes like this!!

  4. Melissa says:

    Oooh let me know if you do the Aflac race…I was thinking about it too!

    • betybliss says:

      Okay, I’m hoping to know by the end of the month.

      Have you ever ran the Lost Dutchman Half Marathon or the IMS Arizona Marathon? I’m considering in running one of them as a half but not sure which.

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