Say WHAT Wednesday?!

Happy Wednesday!!

I AM LOVING THIS WEATHER!!! It got a little cold last night but that just means more cuddling 🙂 I love rain and thunder, it’s perfect for movie watching or Biggest Loser watching.  It’s 80 degrees outside right now…SAY WHAT?!!! I didn’t get to run yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well but I’m thinking about running outside today instead of the gym. Gotta take advantage of days like this.

Todays say WHAT?!! is more like say WANT 🙂 I LOVE love love Nike gear. They always have something I WANT. When it comes to running/workout gear I think they have some of the cutest stuff out there. I know it’s not all about the looks but come on…you want to look cute while you’re sweating bullets also 😉

So here are a few tops on my WANT list….





These are all Dri-Fit and cute 🙂


And this one I LOVE!! It’s not Nike but I still WANT it.

I don’t usually buy my clothes at regular price because I think it’s too pricey but I always check the clearance racks at Sports Authority, Dicks and Sports Chalet. Sometimes I’ll also look at the clearance items on I like finding good deals. I don’t plan on making any of these purchases anytime soon. I have my Vegas Half outfit to buy and that’s it at this time. But maybe…just maybe I’ll buy the last one 😉

Question: Anything you have your eye on?

Also, really quick…DID YOU SEE THIS?!

New in 2012: every participant receives a FREE SeaWorld Single Day Ticket! Act now to secure your spot at the start line. 

San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon

Say WHAT?!!! I saw this on their facebook page a couple of weeks ago but now this confirms it even more. We were already considering it but this just makes us want to do it even more. We plan on registering before the price increases on 01/31/2012  if we do decide to do it  🙂

Question: I know it’s kind of early to be thinking about next year’s races but do you have one in mind you really want to do?

I have three in mind I’m already thinking about for the beginning of the year, I haven’t thought passed June 2012 yet…:)



6 comments on “Say WHAT Wednesday?!

  1. Melissa says:

    I love that last shirt! I haven’t thought about races for next year….just trying to make it through this year first. 😉

  2. Diana Acuna says:

    All the shirts are so cute!!! 2012 Races there are so many starting on March with Chilly Half-Marathon in Burlington, ON, primero Dios will be the first one of my 2012 Races!!! I love you blog Bety…give me motivation …..Have a beautiful day Miss u!

  3. courtney says:

    those shirts are way cute, especially the last one! i’m already starting to plan races too, i’m so excited!

  4. em says:

    Man, Nike Tees are my weakness!! I want to shop SOOO bad!! All of those are super cute!

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