Spider Woman

 Workouts for 10/10/2011-10/16/2011

Monday- Rest Day

Tuesday- 3.3 mile treadmill run @ the gym- 34mins.

Wednesday- Rest Day

Thursday- 3 mile treadmill run @ the gym-31 mins, Sprint Torso, crunches-26mins.

Friday- 30 mins. Yoga and ST @ home

Saturday- 4.71 run/walk-1hr and 18 mins…..(PLANNED rock climbing later)


 Hi, hope your Saturday is going great so far.

I started mine with a morning run. Craig, Daniela and I went to Tempe Town Lake again for our long run. Craig ran 5 great miles but Daniela and I ended up running/walking 4.71 miles. We ran half of it then I had to stop because I needed the bathroom. I was not succesful..lol. so we decided to walk for the other half. It was actually really nice, we talked a lot and enjoyed our walk.

We stood by the water for a while just taking it all in, it was so relaxing. It was just one of those really nice mornings.

There were a lot of people out today, actually there usually is. We talked about how much we like seeing people out and about. My friend said something to me that totally made sense… “the time passes by anyway, why not do something that makes you feel good while it does.” She is completely right. 

Even though todays run wasn’t a huge success workout wise, it was a success in the fact that I got to spend a really nice time chatting with my friend and Craig. Also that we got to enjoy a really nice morning doing something active.

After our run Craig and I went to Starbucks, I’m not “allowed” to have coffee for awhile..Dr. recommended so when I do have it now, it’s a HUGE treat to me. We sat outside, chatted and ate our egg white sandwiches.

Today we have a fun busy day of shopping planned. Also we are going indoor rock climbing!! Yay! I’m excited. I’ve been wanting to go for a year and we finally made time for it.

The place we are going to is called ClimbMax Gym and they have a really good deal for first timers. I’ll make sure to take pictures and let you know how it went 🙂

Since I might be a pro rock climber now, maybe I’ll be Spider Woman for Halloween 😉


Just kidding. I already know what my costumes will be. Part of our shopping is actually going to buy one of my costumes today. For the first time I’m going to be a villain and I am thrilled to be the “bad” girl for once.

We are also going shopping for winter workout clothes. I only have 2 pairs of yoga capri’s right now. I don’t wear my shorts or skirts to the gym very often because I don’t want anyone getting a free show when I’m doing my laying down exercises (crunches, leg machines) so I have to keep re-washing my workout pants almost everyday. I want to find some good deals. Oh and 2 sport bras wouldn’t hurt either 🙂

Quick Las Vegas 1/2 update….We finally booked our hotel…seriously took us long enough. I usually plan WAY ahead and it pays off. This time since we waited longer than usual it DID NOT PAY OFF….it almost cost 100 bucks more than if we had got it a month ago. Lesson LEARNED for sure. Anyway, I’m glad that’s done. Now we just have to buy our outfit, Craig decided on red top and gray bottoms. I’ll try to girlie mine up a bit 😉

Okay, I’m off to spend some money!! Have a GREAT DAY 🙂




3 comments on “Spider Woman

  1. em says:

    I LOVE your skirt that you are wearing! I wanted one so bad in the purple plaid, but have yet to order it!

  2. Melissa says:

    Great job on your workouts for the week!

  3. Woo! What a pretty run – those end up being my favorite ones…when you have such awesome company and have an amazing high after anyways! Can’t wait to see your costume!

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